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Nathan Tripon – portrait of a future Motion Designer

Nathan Tripon – portrait of a future Motion Designer

Design is all about discoveries. When he joined the school, Nathan was planning to do specialized studies in graphic design. Today, he’s combining his various passions with Motion Design.

How did you hear about motion design?

I’d never heard the term motion design until I joined L’École de design. I’d seen it but had never asked myself exactly what it was. Like a lot of students as a matter of fact, as we often have to explain what motion design is to people who have never heard of it either. Motion design wasn’t a childhood dream, but more of a great discovery.


What made you choose motion design for your Bachelor’s degree? Had you thought about doing motion design before arriving at the school?

When I joined the school, my aim was to enroll on the graphic design course. When I discovered motion, through conferences and the "Motion Motion" festival in particular, I saw an opportunity to combine various interests within the same course: graphic design, movement, sound, etc. These fields all interest me individually, so I saw it as a real opportunity for the future.

What do you like about the course?

I enjoy the multidisciplinary aspect of the teaching, the diversity of the subjects covered, not just animation. There is also a genuinely creative approach, the first semester is basically devoted to that, before getting into the more technical side of animation. Also, some subjects are pretty unusual, particularly the Paradiso cinema sessions during which we watch different extracts of films or short films for two hours. The aim is above all to enrich our references and our creativity, without any commentaries or analyses to influence us.

What do you expect to get out of the course?

I’d like eventually to be able to master the different types of animation, both in 2D and 3D, frame by frame or by interpolation. I also hope that motion design will serve as a stepping stone towards other projects involving my various passions.

Who is your favorite designer?

There are several studios around the world which inspired me to get into this sector. I’m thinking particularly of an American studio, ManVSMachine, who have won several awards for some of their projects. They work primarily in 3D, with extremely impressive and realistic renderings. I also really like the studio Golden Wolf, in London, for their very fluid approach which is closer to traditional cartoons.

What does storytelling mean to you?

Storytelling is for me knowing how to captivate your audience with a format that is generally short, but which can become boring if it’s uneven or badly written. Knowing how to write a story, and create a universe and an ambiance for a short film is much harder than it looks.

What are some of your favorite motion videos?

I particularly liked Nike’s advertising campaign for Air max Day 2017, an important event for the brand which takes place every year on March 26. Since sneakers are something I’m passionate about, seeing different films made by various studios from around the world on a theme I can relate to was a huge motivation to continue studying motion.

What kind of motions do you dream of developing?

As a result, I’d like to develop films about subjects I’m passionate about, above all – but not only – sneakers. Preferably, I’d like to work in frame by frame, a technique which is admittedly longer and more fastidious but which personally I find more esthetically pleasing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

In an ideal world, I’d like to work in a studio, surrounded by other motion designers who all share the same passion – that would be a great environment to work in. I prefer that set-up to working directly for a company, even though both experiences must have something different and interesting to offer. I don’t really care which country, although I’d love to work in a country like Japan where animation is deeply rooted in the culture. I hope to work on projects which, once again, are related to the fields which inspire me and where I could be really involved and develop my full potential.