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Milan, Salone del mobile

Milan, Salone del mobile

"Going to Milan" at the design week is a tremendous challenge for our students; it is the opportunity to show off their full potential.

The 2014 project is remarkable by any standards: an unusually high quality of concepts and models, and an exemplary partnership with companies (Armor and Arcelor). We must commend the commitment and guidance of Armor, an iconic local company who is currently analyzing its strategic guidelines for innovation.  The project was led with enthusiasm by the management of a firm which is very much aware of its industrial responsibility. Our thanks also go to Arcelor, who was involved in prototyping one of the projects which we hope will go on to become much more than just a "school project".

We must also underline the commitment of the students and their teaching staff who, each year, help us reach new levels in terms of the quality of what we present. Milan gives us the opportunity to compare ourselves with others and, even though we should not "benchmark" schools – which would be pointless as there are talented students in all of them – we can feel proud that we compare favorably with world-class universities from all over the world.

It is about honoring the work of companies, teaching staff, students and those in the school’s communication department who help showcase and promote the projects. Above all, it is a question of tremendous cross-sectoral cooperation whose excellent performance must be recognized.

Finally, being guests at the fair in Milan, the European capital of creation, is the opportunity to shout from the rooftops that we come from Nantes. As the debate over the identity of Europe rages, it is the opportunity to talk about the place we come from since, in the words of the poet*: "Before we become someone, we come from somewhere".

* Per Jakez Helias

Christian Guellerin
Managing Director of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique