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Micr’Home at Le Voyage à Nantes 2017

Micr’Home at Le Voyage à Nantes 2017

The original project

Micr’Home is Myrtille Drouet’s final degree project which she carried out as part of her Mutations of the Built Environment Master’s program. With her final degree project, she had the idea of creating a three-floor apartment in the gaps between buildings in Nantes, combining the primary functions of the home and meeting basic physiological needs. Her original project was intended to be built in Quai de la Fosse. The apartment is elevated to enable residents of the adjoining buildings to pass underneath. The main challenge of the project, which involved three 1.96 meter-wide levels, was to manage vertical flows while ensuring that there was adequate lighting in the accommodation. By utilizing the gaps in the city to create housing, the designer embraces the concept of sustainable cities by intelligently densifying the city center.
It should be mentioned that her project won first prize in the Sustainable Development generation competition organized in 2014 by ADEMEBouygues Immobilier and La Recherche. Micr’Home was exhibited at the 2014 Design L’Expo on the Ile de Nantes as well as at the New Designers show in London in 2015.

Micr’Home at the 2017 Voyage à Nantes. Courtesy of: Myrtille Drouet

A project featured in the program of the 2017 Voyage à Nantes

It was thanks to Bouygues Immobilier, sponsors of the sustainable development generation competition which she won in 2014, that Myrtille had the opportunity to meet Jean Blaise, director of the local public company Le Voyage à Nantes, and to suggest including Micr’Home in the 2017 line-up. Micr’Home was subsequently selected for the 2017 edition of the Voyage à Nantes, a cultural project designed to showcase Nantes as a destination.

Myrtille Drouet graduated in 2014 and is now working as an interior designer in Paris. She divides her time between her job and the development of “Micr’home version 2017”, which is quite different from the initial sketches made 3 years earlier.

Micr’Home, located in rue du Puits d’Argent, will be available to rent for a night or more from 1st July to 27th August 2017. Locals and tourists alike will be able to enjoy a unique experience in this mini-apartment nestled between Nantes’ historic buildings. The installation had to fit into the width between the two buildings and thus measures only 2.18m wide. Finally, the façade was updated to reflect the spirit of the Voyage à Nantes.

Visitors will see that Micr’home has a functional and pleasant interior despite its limited width and includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and bedroom.

To find out more about Micr’home, head to rue du Puits d’Argent from 1st July 2017 for the official opening.