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Message from Stéphane Gouret, Deputy DIrector

Message from Stéphane Gouret, Deputy DIrector

All French schools and universities have been physically closed since 16th March, the eve of the confinement which was enforced in our country. As soon as this closure was officially announced, all the staff members of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique set to work establishing a teaching plan to ensure pedagogical continuity for our 1,500 design students without delay.

Since last Tuesday March 17th, we have been deploying this plan swiftly and progressively. I would like to congratulate every single person who helped accomplish this feat.

Our priority has been to reassure our students as quickly as possible about the continuity of their training. We also have to support the whole of our community: the teaching staff (the lifeblood of every school), the students, the administrative staff, our partner companies who train our apprentices and our interns.

Supporting people to help everyone adapt to new ways of working, new ways of teaching, communicating and connecting with others. Supporting people in a context of societal crisis, that is stressful from both a health and an economic point of view, a crisis which affects all of us, students as well as staff. Supporting people to identify and resolve situations of digital divide encountered by our students but also by staff members.

In seven days, we may not have changed the world, but our teams can be proud of their responsiveness, their creativity, their sense of responsibility, their passion for teaching, their commitment to giving our students the very best.

The ball is rolling, the students are hard at work. Of course, much remains to be done to continue deploying our teaching continuity plan and to ensure that this new working dynamic is sustained. We must guarantee the highest standard of training possible for all of our teaching programs in France, China, India, Brazil, Quebec and Benin. The aim is also to allow our students to validate their training credits and graduate.

Despite the difficult times we are currently traversing, I am deeply gratified both by the responsible and constructive attitude of our students, and by the tremendous commitment of all the staff of L’École de design.

It’s a privilege to work for and with you all.

Thank you.