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Martin Lebreton, expert in Interaction Design

Martin Lebreton, expert in Interaction Design

What’s your background?

I did a scientific Baccalaureate and a degree in Visual and Digital Arts, then I continued learning independently and carried out an internship in a web agency in 1999 where I discovered website design. Since then, I’ve worked in agencies in Paris and Nantes and a few years ago I became an “advertiser”.

Are you more UX or UI?

I’m more UX but in the course of my career I’ve done a bit of everything: graphic design, animation, integration and development – I like both.

What is the activity of Rautureau Apple Shoes, the company you work for, and what is your role?

Rautureau Appleshoes is a Vendée-based group with ten or so shoe brands for children and adults. I joined the company just under 4 years ago to look after digital communication for 3 brands and to manage 3 e-shops.

You’ve been teaching at L’École de design since October 2007. What kind of teaching/applications?

I’ve been working at the school for nearly ten years with 2nd year Bachelor’s students in Interaction Design. The main subject I teach is 2D computer graphics but I also give lessons in integration or using Wordpress. With the students, we discover the tools Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. These are the tools they need to produce work in their other lessons. At the beginning of the year the levels are pretty disparate so I try to help each student progress at their own rate. I like passing on my professional experience in these lessons: teamwork, a thirst for learning and taking into account different constraints. I like the fact that I see the same students again in the second semester to help them with phases of their long projects.

As a professional, what do you get out of teaching at L’École de design?

It’s a breath of fresh air - getting out of the office and having an exchange with the students is really enjoyable and rewarding. Passing on knowledge and arousing their curiosity is vital. It’s also a way of keeping abreast of the latest developments, thanks to the students.

If you had to define web design?

Responding effectively to a specific situation taking into account the user and technical constraints while conveying the advertiser’s values.

Could you tell us a few sites you particularly admire and why?

7h34 - a Nantes-based agency - the presentation of references is meticulous and the navigation system is original.
Monsieur Caillou - a nice portfolio
Superbe Paris - a brand website with an enjoyable scroll-based navigation system.
John Doe et fils - from another Nantes-based agency – it has some well thought out points which make you want to explore the whole site.

How do you keep abreast of the latest trends in web design?

On the internet via blogs, agency white papers and a few magazines. By consulting the websites blogdumoderateurblogduwebdesign and tympanus.


What advice do you give students to help them prepare for the Worldskills Competition?

I haven’t yet had a chance to give them any last-minute advice before the Worldskills Competition. I hope that our teaching, the organization of the work and some of our tips will help the students manage their time correctly and simply enjoy the various challenges.