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4 months of Interaction Design in Hamburg

4 months of Interaction Design in Hamburg

Internships: an opportunity to discover new horizons

I’ve always thought of the third-year internship as an opportunity to broaden my knowledge and discover new horizons. I genuinely thought that wherever I ended up going I would obviously learn a lot from the differences in a foreign company. That’s why I decided to go to Hamburg, Germany’s second city in terms of population and first in terms of wealth, and also, incidentally, a paradise for freelancers and the city selected for the 2017 G20 congress.”

Presentation of Computer Rock

Computer Rock is a medium-sized company with just under a hundred employees. Based in four different sites (Belgrade for development, Zurich, London and Hamburg), this fast-growing company has worked with Red Bull, McDonald, Virgin and Smart to mention just a few of the big brands. It was the diversity of the projects in this company which impressed me right away. Computer Rock has a big open plan office in the middle of a product design concept store, with a small conference room for meetings. I always had my own workspace and my computer. Everyone was really friendly and I immediately felt at home and part of the team. I was able to practice my English, but I also learnt German thanks to my projects and my relationships with colleagues.”

My role in the company

After I got used to the company’s way of working, I was able to work independently on my projects from the concept right through to the development phase. I worked mainly with Project Managers and learnt a lot from them. However, there were also Freelance Designers who gave me advice, as well as the Lead Designer who was based in Belgrade. As a result, I really learnt to work by myself and to communicate remotely with colleagues, particularly developers. I had the opportunity to work on site redesigns, but also on designing test services, icons and even UI animation, brand identity, etc. but mainly on designing UX/UI interfaces.”

My experience

"During these four months, I really boosted my knowledge in design and had the opportunity to experiment with project management and I understood the importance of good communication and being able to fit in to an eclectic team. In the wake of this experience, I’d like to go on to do a work-study program to develop my corporate skills, preferably in research and development, which would give me a more experimental vision of design, focused on the future and innovation. From a personal point of view, this internship increased my self-confidence and enabled me to learn German and perfect my English. It also helped me identify some key working areas for my personal development. My trips to Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Brussels and Northern Germany during my internship led me to the following conclusion: for me, travelling is an endless source of inspiration.”
Maëva Hemon

The opinion of Ortrun Trog, Maëva’s training supervisor at Computer Rock

“To sum up our expectations and the overall view of Maëva’s internship, I can tell you we were very happy to have Maëva in our company. We were expecting help in our everyday work creating user flows, designing screens, making design choices, creating icons and graphics. But Maeva did so much more than that. She made a lot of very precious contributions, took responsibility for specific projects and organized a small team of interns. The result of her work was precious for the team and the company. That’s why we offered Maëva a job as freelance designer after her internship and we’re looking at how we can carry on working together in the future.”