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International Experience: Our students in MDes Le Studio France tell us about their experience at the school!

International Experience: Our students in MDes Le Studio France tell us about their experience at the school!

We asked five of our students to tell us a little more about their experience at the school since they arrived last September. Discover their video testimonies and learn more about the school!

Why did they choose to study in France, at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique?

Enrolled in MDes Le Studio France, Lina, Namratha, Wenyue, Nilo and Yassine all agree that they chose the school because it offers a program taught entirely in English, but also because of the themes offered in the master’s programs: Care Design, City Design, Digital Design, Food Design or Media Design.

Nilo, a Brazilian student, joined the school in Media Design because he wanted to learn how to put his technical skills at the service of the user, thanks to the professional dimension of the program.

Wenyue Xue, who comes from China, choose to study Food Design at the school because the program is really focusing on practice and innovation and offers the opportunity to work on project in partnership with companies.

Yassine, who is French but had never lived in France before joining this master’s program, wanted to benefit from the school’s expertise in the digital field and to discover life in France in a dynamic city.

What did they particularly like during their first semester at the school? What appealed to them when they arrived in France?

Lina, who comes from Mexico, and is enrolled the Care Design program, particularly enjoyed working in groups on complex projects with designers from different fields, and thus evolving in multi-disciplinary groups.

Upon her arrival in France, Namratha, who comes from India and is following the City Design program, was surprised by the courtesy of the French drivers, but it is especially the methodology taught at the school that she will remember from this first semester.

Whether they come from India, China, Mexico or Brazil, our students have all enjoyed working in a multicultural environment and learning from each other!