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We Need Caféine

We Need Caféine
Antoine Goulet, editor-in-chief of the blog We Need Caféine

Interview with Antoine Goulet, student at L’École de design and also editor-in-chief of the blog We Need Cafeine, the blog which speaks about advertising, creation and design.

Antoine, can you introduce yourself ?

I’m in my second year of Master Mutations of the Built Environment at L’École de design. I do it as part of a double degree program in partnership with the IAE-IEMN in Design Management. I’m a graduate of Interior Design from a school in Paris and worked for several months in both architecture agencies, and as a freelancer on various projects from production design on TV and cinema sets to residential and retail design. I spent some time in Austria after my time in the French capital before heading to Nantes to join L’École de design, in order to renew my interest for urban transformation and sustainable development, which are subjects I feel concerned about.

You are editor in chief at We Need Caféine. How was this project born? How many readers do you have?

The blog was born in 2014 as an initiative from Antoine Peltier, back then a student in communication strategy, who saw it as a personal design watch library. After giving him some positive feedbacks and seeing my interest burgeon, I joined him a short time after to develop the project and define an editorial line matching our own vision and that of our readers. Today, we have more than 5000 readers per month on the website as well as a presence on social media with around 10,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter.

What are the objectives of We Need Caféine?

We want to propose personal or shared thinking carried out by our redactors, on creative subjects from analysis of advertisement and communication campaigns to architecture, product design or illustration projects. The objective is to give our readers the keys to understand the concepts and the ideas shown in our articles. We write for pleasure on subjects that talk to us.


How does the redaction organize itself? What rythm of publication?

We publish on a varying basis with a maximum of variety in the publication feed. We alternate in between advertisement, graphic design, creative content etc, depending on the subjects we are dealing with and our affinities. Prioritizing a qualitative approach, we take time to write so as to make a true analysis of the diverse projects and thus to communicate at our best afterwards, respecting the work of the designers.
Being designers ourselves this is something we take note of, because it shouldn’t be forgotten that behind each picture you see there are dozens of hours of work and very often a lot of personal involvement.

Which famous designers do you dream of interviewing?

From Japan, I would say Shigeru Ban or Kengo Kuma for the most famous. The Nendo agency also makes me dream by the quality and the diversity of its projects. Staying in Asia, I have a crush on the austro-chinese firm Home of Penda, as well as on MAD Studio.
Otherwise, I would choose Jessica Walsh & Stefan Sagmeister for their outstanding graphic work. Tobias Van Schneider would also be on the list, because of his impressive carrier path, as well as for his mustache I would like to know the secret of.

We Need Caféine is a nice entrepreneurship project. How do you picture its future?

 Obviously, we wish to see the project grow and gain some visibility. The blog is an everyday work, by seeking new projects, analyzing them, writing and communicating to our readers. It is a pretty time-consuming activity, especially since we all have either jobs or studies alongside it. What make us keep going is the positive feedback we get from not only our readers but also from professionals who are now trusting us for communicating at best on their work.
By the way, it some of the readers recognize themselves in our vision, please don’t hesitate to meet us to chat ….over coffee, naturally. ;)

How do you imagine yourself after graduating from L’École de design?

Tricky question! Well, I am going to do my best to do it first. I’m a pretty nomadic person, a jack of all trades, which is why I don’t see myself settled somewhere on the long term doing the same job my whole life. I dream of design and entrepreneurship, of travel, adventure, and gastronomy. I’ve got in the back of my mind the desire to do a research thesis to explore the potential of alternative political and governmental systems through a design approach. I also would like to create an agency with transversal and unconventional methods. And of course, I would continue to enrich the blog with new articles!
Better ask me the same question in a couple years from now! :)