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An internship at Niji, a consultancy, design and technology company

An internship at Niji, a consultancy, design and technology company

Niji, a digital transformation of companies partner, is organised around three fields: consultancy, design and technological expertise. Thus equipped, Niji is present throughout the entire value chain, from the idea to reality, for all digital support needs: transforming the offer and associated business models, a new definition of customer relationships and company performance through the modernisation of its organisation, business processes and tools.

From left to right: Alain Gautrot, Director of Design Operations, Gwénolé Coulom

Settling into the company

We had the pleasure of hosting Gwénolé Coulomb at the Niji agency for three months. His main assignment involved creating new user experiences staged on all types of smartphone, tablet, TV, desktop, interactive terminal or showcase media. After having chosen to enhance his learning around UX Design, Gwénolé was put in contact with our ergonomists/UX Designers in order to better understand all aspects of this expertise. Step by step, Gwénolé embarked on increasingly practical case studies until he was participating in real projects, which remains the best way to learn about the profession.

Concrete exchanges

Gwénolé was able to intervene effectively on pre-sales projects, design projects (responsive web design, mobile applications), as well as Proof Of Concepts. To do this, he conducted research (benchmarks and monitoring), participated in discussions on tree models, user journeys and information architecture, designed wireframes and took part in exchanges with certain Artistic Directors and Project Managers. His work was supervised by various ergonomists/UX Designers with whom he was able to exchange, allowing him to understand different approaches and ways of working.

Also passing on its knowledge

Hosting a design school student who wants to specifically discover this profession and the work in the agency is always rewarding for us too. This dimension of passing on our knowledge and skills allows the teams to distance themselves from their profession by simply sharing, putting what they do into words and explaining how and why they do it.

Internships & corporate relations coordinator