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1st year Master’s program internship abroad: feedback from Margaux Lecrenay, Graphic Designer for Isabela Rodrigues in Brazil

1st year Master’s program internship abroad: feedback from Margaux Lecrenay, Graphic Designer for Isabela Rodrigues in Brazil

The international internship at the end of the 3rd year of the undergraduate program gives students the opportunity to incorporate cultural differences in terms of methodology and project management.

It’s also a great way to discover another country and other ways of working. Margaux Lecrenay, a first-year Master’s student who completed the undergraduate course in Graphic Design, tells us about her trip to Brazil from September 2014 to January 2015.

« The Sweety Branding Studio is a small graphic design agency based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. At the end of 2011, after many years working as a freelance designer, Isabela Rodrigues opened the SBS studio. The team consists of 6 people: 4 graphic designers, an architect and an assistant manager.
SBS aims to elevate graphic design to collection status - really lovely designs which create an emotional connection with the objects. The team comes up with designs that are full of passion and personality, yet still incorporate customer needs and expectations.

My mission was to assist with projects (often with great responsibility) and to bring a fresh perspective and a graphic touch. I was able to contribute to the creative process in each of the projects that the agency worked on during my internship.

Teamwork is an integral part of the SBS way of working: everyone contributes to every project. The team is really close-knit and helps each other whenever necessary. Not even the 40 degree temperatures can curb their incredible enthusiasm!

The language barrier was a problem when communicating with the whole team as I was the first foreign intern they had taken on. Some of them didn’t speak much English which sometimes made things difficult.

The agency’s style of design was very fresh, uninhibited and colorful. The design style was more characteristic of the studio rather than specific to Brazil. The clients who come for the agency’s style have complete confidence which gives the team great freedom in their work. Isabela’s openness and her international recognition mean that many clients come to her spontaneously.

I was incredibly lucky to have the chance to work in an agency that suited me perfectly both in its approach and its projects, to meet so many inspiring people and to travel in a country with such breathtaking scenery.

My time in Brazil helped me to broaden my mind, improve my English and Portuguese, gain valuable professional experience and a very diverse portfolio. »

Student placement Coordinator

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