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A bachelor degree internship in Singapore

A bachelor degree internship in Singapore
Yan entourée de toute l'équipe de qu'est-ce que c'est design

At the beginning of their 3rd year of the bachelor’s degree, all students undertake a professional internship to highlight their professional achievements. Yan Huang, student, is going in Singapore in the agency ’qu’est-ce que c’est design’ Description of the internship and what she learned there with her tutor, Bryan Angelo Lim.

Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your work?

Bryan Angelo Lim: I am the studio design director of ’qu’est-ce que c’est design’. I provide the projects creative directions we undertake and we work on collaboratively with the other studio members to define the corresponding art directions. In addition, I am the project manager, the office manager and business manager of the studio, overseeing all the major aspects of day-to-day operations.

Which mission Yann was invited to work on?

Bryan Angelo Lim: Thanks to Yan’s drawing skills, she was able to help us with many vector illustrations required for a specific infographic project. She has also been able to put her layout skills to good use on print projects from small large size, including corporate brochures, book cover, poster and promotional street lamps banners. Yan was also involved in the development of the creative and art direction regarding the publication project we are working on for an Indian heritage museum.

Yan, can you tell us what is the student point of view on this 8 weeks at ’qu’est-ce que c’est design’?

Yan Huang: The internship took place in a country I was not familiar with in the first place, and it turned out to be an incredibly rewarding personal experience. I have been deeply involved in a wide range of design projects with the designers and I have worked with the clients and printers. I have learned how a small design studio works and how the projects are handled from the first proposals to the press review. I have been working as part of the creative team to implement art direction strategies and design concepts according to creative direction and clients briefs. I have also prepared presentations that explain and illustrate art direction strategies and concepts. Finally, I have also bee in charged of providing input and preparing final work for print.
Bryan was always very supportive and he helped me building confidence. Singapore is an interesting place of connections, with a beautiful fusion of Asian cultures. As a foreign student, it was easy to communicate with local population, as it is an English-speaking country.

What were the benefits of having a student in design as part of your team?

We are a small graphic design studio that is composed of graphic designers only. However, since the permanent members of the studio are all local Singaporeans, we have greatly benefited, from very different and interesting perspectives that Yan brought with her. Also, we have learned a lot more about the French culture and the French design scene.

Both professional and cultural contributions for these two designers.

Sarah DEMERY and Soazic DUAULT
Student placement Coordinators