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An internship at Naoned

An internship at Naoned

Feedback from Valentine Milliand, a 3rd year Bachelor’s student in Interaction Design who undertook a 4-month Bachelor’s internship at Naoned.

Valentine Milliand did her 3rd year Bachelor’s internship at Naoned

Naoned: software publisher for managing and promoting cultural heritage

When I applied for an internship at Naoned, three words in the advert immediately caught my attention. “Software”, “UX design” and “archives”. For me, everything linked directly or indirectly to the field of heritage conservation struck me as being obsolete, almost archaic, so these terms seemed strangely incompatible. Yet in the age of digital technology and dematerialization, the world of archives has managed to adapt and the software developed by Naoned is a prime example of this.
Since 2006, Naoned has been designing software for managing and promoting heritage. Working hand in hand with archive professionals, their aim is to put heritage in the spotlight and get past the prejudices people have of the profession."

An internship dedicated to UX and UI

"Working on UX for a piece of business software was already a challenge for me and, as I wasn’t familiar with the world of archives, this internship was the ideal opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and confront myself with different design issues to those we’re used to dealing with at school. During these four months in a company, I was able to apply all the theory I’d learnt to a new piece of software being developed. This new portal, intended to showcase archival holdings, was a complex challenge as it combined a front part constructed according to professional requirements specific to the world of archives, and a back-office CMS-type part (content management system). I had the chance to work both upstream on UX (developing user clickpaths and wireframes, creating user tests) but also on UI (creating mock-ups and graphic themes), and I even helped organize client workshops (a series of exercises to involve them in the personalization of their future software)."

Taking initiatives to drive the project forward

"Together with my colleague Bérengère Noël, a UX/UI designer, we took various initiatives to optimize our involvement in the software development process. In particular, we created a board to map out the portal’s architecture, with the different user stories from the backlog, their status and the mock-up they were connected to. By taking part in meetings with the developers and the product owner, we were involved in the decision-making process and had direct feedback on our proposals."

Learning to work with new methodologies and working in a team

"This internship was a chance for me to learn to work with new methodologies: Scrum and Kanban, and to understand the importance of communicating with developers. I also realized that user tests are not a waste of time but are actually a vital step in designing software and other digital services, especially when the intended users are so specific. So, my work during these four months was completely at odds with everything I’d produced previously, which made me realize that user experience is a “multi-platform” principle which is useful in areas like archives, where practices haven’t changed for a very long time. As well as being a steep learning curve, this internship was above all the opportunity to work with a considerate team who put their trust in me and made those four months a fascinating and memorable experience.”

Valentine Milliand

3rd year Bachelor’s student in Interaction Design