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International Workshop: a week rich in multicultural exchange

International Workshop: a week rich in multicultural exchange

From April 19 to 24, the now traditional international workshop was held for our 3rd year International Class students. Like every year, the school was pleased to welcome speakers from four of our partner schools for this week rich in multicultural exchanges.

A unique workshop supervised by international professional designers

The four groups of 3rd year students of the International Class, composed of French and international students, most of whom are on exchange, were each supervised by a guest lecturer and a teacher from the school.

The Brand Design students worked under the direction of Martin Farran-Lee, Art Director and lecturer at Malmö University, and Claire Taupin, Graphic Designer. The Digital Media Design students worked with Basil Lim, Game Designer and lecturer at TU Dublin, and Mickaël Lafontaine, Digital Artist, with the help of Bérenger Recoules, Head of the Digital Workshop. The Industrial Products students were supervised by Richard Firth, head of the product design program at the University of Edinburgh-Napier in Scotland and Jay Bautista, industrial designer. And the Retail & Interior Design students were led by Juan Albert, professor of Interior Design at the Elisava School of Design in Barcelona, and Emmanuel Alouche, Interior Architect.

Due to the pandemic and health restrictions, it was from their home schools that these lecturers coached our students.

All students worked on a common subject: time

An enriching international experience

Creative people with a great responsibility for the future, designers must know how to combine openness to others, curiosity, pragmatism and cultural references.

This international workshop, the highlight of the second semester, is a real opportunity for our students to learn new working methods and to exchange their views on design in an intercultural atmosphere.

In groups of 3 to 5 students, depending on their specialties, students learn to exchange in English, to organize themselves and to cooperate on a common project.

The students during the making of the final video

A common theme for the different specialties

The theme of this international workshop is traditionally proposed by the invited speakers. And this year, it is on a common subject that they made the students of the different specialties work by the international class: Kronos vs. Kairos: Considering time as a design principle.

How can design improve our lives by rethinking our relationship with time? This is the question that our students, divided into specialties, tried to answer through a final rendering that had to take the form of a two-minute video.

At the end of this intense week, much appreciated by our students, 17 videos were made!