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Discover the International Class / 3rd year of DN MADE with Luc Montessinos

Discover the International Class / 3rd year of DN MADE with Luc Montessinos

From September 2021, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique will offer three international programs taught in English in the 3rd year of the DN MADE program, which will prepare students for the Diplôme National des Métiers d’Art et Design, conferring the degree of Bachelor of Arts.e DN MADE, National Diploma in Fine Arts, Crafts and Design, a state recognized undergraduate degree.

For more than 20 years, the school has been committed to offering a true international experience to its students, and it is in this dynamic that this 3rd year of DN MADE / International Class is taking place. Luc Montessinos, in charge of this International Class, explains why and how join this program taught in english to live a true international experience and to validate the DN MADE.

What is the International Class?

The international DN MADE is a 3rd year of a 3-year national degree which is the National Diploma in Fine, Arts, Crafts and Design. The school offers several specialties:

Who can apply?

The international class is tailored for both French and international students with a 2-year background in design. The international students might be students staying the all year in order to get the diploma but they can also be exchange students coming for one semester. After graduation, the students can go and work in agencies companies or as freelance designers. The diploma also allows students to go and study at master’s level. 

What is the place of projects?

Everything evolves around projects and we have a very few theoretical classes. We think that students will learn most when working on very realistic and detailed subjects and working together, we value group projects a lot. We also have the international workshop: we invite designers from partner schools everywhere in Europe and they come with a project, their subjects and their ways of organizing group work and it’s a week students love a lot. Teachers are designers who are very passionate about their work and who want to share their experience and knowledge.

What about Nantes?

Nantes is a very dynamic city. There’s a lot of students but also many theaters and music venues, many festivals. It’s a very interesting city to live in when you’re a student actually. It’s about 1 hour to the Atlantic ocean and only 2 hours by train to Paris. It has pretty much everything that students need.

Why join this program?

It’s a great opportunity to learn different methods and to exchange views on design but also to work with people from different cultures so for students who aim at working abroad it’s a great and true international experience in a very professional environment. It’s really a year when you get that opportunity to discover a lot of views on the world but also on design. The international DN MADE is a great opportunity to get a national diploma but also to live a truly international experience.