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L’École de design: a choice for international students

L’École de design: a choice for international students

The international Fair

The international fair took place on December 14th 2018. En event which gathers L’École de design international students (from 38 countries) and the French students who spent a semester within the school’s 90 partnering universities in the world.

The international fair is a great opportunity for students to prepare their semester abroad and make the appropriate choice for this international experience: country and school.


Canberk Mustafa ÖZER is from Turkey

International Class students

The international event was the perfect opportunity to interview some international students bout their choice to study in France at L’École de design.

Marieke RIETEMA from the Netherlands, Canberk Mustafa ÖZER from Turkey, Hiba TLILI from Italy and Charbel SAGHBINI from Lebanon explain us what they do within L’École de design, why they chose the school and share their views about studying in France.