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Inter-school Workshop: Creative Camp

Inter-school Workshop: Creative Camp

Around 80 students from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique’s Sustainable Cities Design Lab, l’Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués (LISAA – College of Applied Arts), Lycée Livet and l’Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Audencia Nantes (School of Management) worked together "outside the walls" as part of the Creative Camp organized by the Quartier de la création Cluster on the Aires 38 site.

View of Nantes city center without the University Hospital, mapping out a new relationship with the river and population density

10 mixed teams took part in a variety of projects as diverse and original as low tech habitats, public areas (shared services, urban campsites, etc.) or transport (crossing the river Loire, tram, etc.) in an attempt to redesign tomorrow’s cities.

The watchword was all about flying in the face of received ideas and representing possible new uses for the city. How could we imagine a system of radical pooling? How could people spend their work breaks in the city?

Run by Jacky Foucher, a designer, with the active support of SAMOA, Gaëtan Bourdin (Aires 38) and Emmanuel Dupont, Dijon-born architect and lecturer at L’École de design, the workshop allowed students to present their scenarios before experts and urban planners and get feedback.

The result? Some seriously stimulating scenarios
A project which really stood out from the crowd was "Petite Venise". This project, carried out by students Manon Diesnis, Iris Devais and Prune Ferré considers the issue of the relocation of Nantes University Hospital.

Can the transfer of this major facility bring about a new relationship with the city? This, in essence, is the question raised by this project which has the merit of making the concept of green and blue belts a priority in the heart of the city center. The project depicts a sustainable city with real corridors of biodiversity (rivers) which are appropriable and multi-purpose... and densely populated urban centers...  this raises questions about projects and provides guidance to SAMOA.

Scenarios and environments – with or without the hospital – the relocation of the University Hospital is seen as an opportunity to redesign the green and blue belts.

Florent Orsoni
Director of the Sustainable Cities Design Lab