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Innovation: L’École de design links up with the IRT B-COM

Innovation: L’École de design links up with the IRT B-COM

L’École de design, a member of the Images and Network Competitiveness Cluster since its founding in 2005, has had the opportunity to participate in a number of collaborative projects under its auspices. This fruitful collaboration is strengthened by the participation of the READi Design Lab in the scope of the B Com Institute of Technological Research project. Grégoire Cliquet, Director of the Design Lab, and one of his co-workers, Edouard Durand (alumni 2010), have been delegated by the school to work with the teams in Rennes.

Future campus of B-Com in Cesson-Sévigné

B-Com, based in Rennes, Brest and Lannion is one of the 8 Technology Research Institutes (Instituts de Recherche Technologique - IRT) certified by government authorities in 2012. Its mission is to promote, through research and innovation in digital technologies, the development and placing on the market of tools, products and services that enhance our daily life.

B Com’s research is structured around 3 different programs:
ICube: Immersion, Interaction, Image and immersive content: connected Tv, 3D images, 3D cinema, connected objects, augmented reality...
- NCube: core Networks, access Networks and home Networks: high speed Internet, cloud computing, fixed and mobile access convergence ...
- Health: Telemedicine deployment, new diagnostic environments based on multimodal imagery.

Which are based on 3 thematic platforms:
- Smart Contents
- Smart Networks
- Smart Software Studio

Known for its experience in the field of interactive design, L’École de design team’s involvement will aim to:
- Stimulate a bottom-up innovation dynamic through data usage (Id),
- Facilitate the formulation of services for future users upstream, through "fiction design" (Ix),
- Produce 2D/3D (Ui) infographics to promote an innovative interactive device,
- Improve and enrich the user experience (Ux).

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