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Innovation Days by SEB : our participation as experts

Innovation Days by SEB : our participation as experts

After training SEB senior executives on-site, Jean-Patrick Péché – Head of the Research in Unit New Eating Habits – was a guest speaker at the Journées de l’Innovation...

"L’École du produit" introduces senior executives to design

Since 2007, Jean-Patrick Péché from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique was sollicited by SEB to create and deliver on-site seminars. His continuing education offer, "L’École du produit," targets senior executives of all stripes. He was a guest speaker at the Journées de l’Innovation SEB in Grenoble (France) on October 28, 2009. This meeting gathered all executives concerned with production, design, marketing and strategy within the group’s brands, as well as in-house and free-lance designers.

SEB welcomes Innovators in Grenoble

During the first of these 3 days dedicated to innovation, a series of general and specific lectures were given: a crucial time for SEB, whose strategy is embedded in permanent innovation.

Taking over after the opening speech by Jacques Alexandre, Managing Director, Marc Giget, President of the European Institute for Creative Strategies and Innovation (IESCI), Professor and Head of Innovation at the Cnam, exposed his views on: "L’Innovation ou l’art de définir le futur" ("Innovation or the art of defining the future"). Then a number of speakers discussed 4 major themes: Aging Populations, Emerging Countries, Energy, Home Made.

I gave a lecture on design and emerging countries. As the Western world is gradually doing away with self-importance, 2 questions must be addressed:

- concerning the form/shape of products: what types of culture, and concurrently what types of social patterns?

- concerning design processes: what kind of design should be implemented to create products “adapted” to these specific markets? Are we the most likely to meet those needs?

One answer: the need to embrace otherness and welcome the "other" within our teams, through human and social sciences, and the need to embrace the notion of “representation,” to go deeper than the “made in” label.

Jean-Patrick Péché, Head of the Research Unit in New eating Habits