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“Indie game” day

“Indie game” day

A workshop dedicated to indie video game

The cycle jeu vidéo, set up in partnership with AtlangamesStereolux and the Game Design Bachelor’s program at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, deals with the topic of video games. It looks at its perception by society of course, but also by the world of digital arts, with which the hybridizations are rich and fruitful.

As part of this cycle, a workshop dedicated to indie video games will take place on Wednesday 25 April 2018.

Independent video games, which came up several times in this cycle autour du jeu vidéo, is the subject of this themed day.
Experts will provide a snapshot of a constantly evolving ecosystem which focuses more on creativity and originality rather than profitability and maximum exposure.

Four conferences will address the major developments in progress, but also new directions to explore, paying particular attention to the links between video games and society or education and to transmedia experiences which bring the game out of its digital medium. The participants will then be invited to take part in a debate, which will include the public, during a round table discussion. The afternoon will consist of workshops in which professionals, students and enthusiasts will be able to continue their discussions from the morning session, consider the future of video games and compare their practices

The day’s program:

Morning: Conferences and round table (Building B - Atlanbois)

9.30am: Welcome
9.45am: “Indie games and society” Conference
10.05am: “Video games and transmedia” Conference
10.25am: “Indie games in education” Conference
10.45am: Break
11.00am: “The future of indie games” Conference
11.25am: Round table and discussion with the public

Afternoon: Workshops and demonstrations (Stereolux) from 2pm to 6.30pm

To sign up for this indie games day: