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Impacts 2022 : The new territories of design

Impacts 2022 : The new territories of design

Fostering a common will on a territorial scale to combat climate change and its repercussions with Camille Morin (Alumni 2016)

"Et si demain ... ?" is a prospective walking tour-exhibition that transports its visitors to the year 2030 via a circuit in the area of Regnéville-sur-Mer.

The project was initially based on the policy to be conducted in favor of heritage and more particularly on the future of the castle. But Camille Morin, designer, and Rémi Buscot, architect, quickly realized that the castle, which belongs to the Manche department, "will be in the water in the near future". Based on the principle that "design is also about reexamining the specifications", they then "rethought the problem" with regard to climate issues and rising water levels. The goal: to create a forward-looking narrative of the territory that puts the inhabitants and their know-how at the heart of the project.

"This project has allowed us to open up the field of discussion and to share a common vision in the face of the prospect of rising water levels," explains Camille, who advocates a "systemic vision of the territory".

A shipyard converted into the construction of a floating architecture, agriculture based on hemp, flax and bamboo, seaweed for crafts and industry, these stories of the future are all part of the visit to the emblematic places of the town. "Co-construction is the foundation of our work and we defend the idea that the question of environmental issues is a collective responsibility. Everyone at his or her own level can contribute to change things! Not all solutions come from above!"