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Impacts #7 - Léonie Patron – international designer and optimist

Impacts #7 - Léonie Patron – international designer and optimist

Graduated in 2015 with a Master’s degree in design, Léonie Patron is an interna-tional go-getter.

After an internship in Seoul, she decided to settle in Hamburg, Germany. As a designer for the Superunion agency specialized in branding and design, she works on international projects of all kinds.
The agency describes itself as a new generation brand based on the spirit of creative optimism.
Just like Léonie…

Mood board for Barnangen

Barnangen: a blend of tradition and modernity

Between tradition and modernity, the identity of Swedish brand Barnängen was given a completely new look by Léonie Patron and the team of designers from Superunion agency in Hamburg with the support of a Swedish communication agency.
This cosmetics brand has been well-known in Sweden for decades not only for its skincare products but also for its authentic and modern lifestyle experience.
The brand wanted to refresh its image, with a more modern and minimalist identity. “Based on the flower wreath, an important symbol in Scandinavian culture, we developed a simple and elegant design”. These different products are available in Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

Sensitive Range Barnangen

“The work of a designer requires a certain determination”

After a long research phase which involved visualizing more than a hundred photos, the various creative ideas inspired by the Scandinavian universe were transposed into a concept including a logo, packaging, an advertising campaign, a website, goodies, etc. A new global corporate identity.
You have to be able to tell a story and to do that it’s essential to take responsibility for your choices and defend your ideas,” insists Léonie. “The work of a designer re-quires a certain determination,” considers this designer who fuels her creativity by following the latest trends on Pinterest, in art and design magazines, but also by constantly practicing drawing and illustrating.
As a designer, we have to be able to justify the choice of every detail and color, since everything we propose to the client must mean something in terms of the brand’s identity,” explains Léonie whose design approach goes far beyond esthetic criteria and the expression of her own taste.

Full range

“It’s a great opportunity to work for an international group”

Dairy products, electronic cigarettes, airports, animal food – design agency Superunion has operations in eighteen countries and handles a wide variety of pro-jects. And although the global reach of this company requires many internal valida-tions and involves a huge number of actors, “it’s a great opportunity to work for an international group,” enthuses Léonie because “it means you’re always working on projects that are all very different and international in scope.”

But whatever the project, “design should first and foremost provide a solution for the brand,” upholds Léonie who, since April 2019 has been with the global communica-tion agency Geometry, still in Hamburg, where she gives them the benefit of her sub-tle and modern French touch.