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Impacts#7 – Recreating learning experiences through design with Livier Ortiz

Impacts#7 – Recreating learning experiences through design with Livier Ortiz

“Helping people develop the skills they need to thrive in a future marked by change and uncertainty.”

After graduating in 2016, Livier returned to Mexico, her home country, where she became a freelance designer, teacher but also facilitator and designer of learning experiences with Fulfilling Future.

Working conditions, management, adaptability and continuous learning… The team accompanies its clients in the development of soft skills necessary for the current transformation of companies.

"Acquiring the necessary skills to successfully face the challenges of the 21st century world"

In the age of the digital revolution, working conditions and terms of employment have been radically modified. Today, these developments call for greater expertise in change management in uncertain times.

The designer Livier Ortiz put her skills in co-creation to good use in the Future Skills learning experience, a program which supports people through these changes. This personal and professional development initiative which focuses more on soft skills rather than knowledge, is based on the active participation of many experts (nutritionists, coaches, engineers, etc.) and is aimed at a wide range of profiles and backgrounds.
Striking a balance between technology and human connection, a learning community and personalized coaching, the program fosters deep and positive transformations in the lives of people with very different profiles, such as employees, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, students, independent professionals and people looking to change careers…

Using experience design to create tools

"The challenge of this really fun program developed for Fulfilling Future was above all to provide a very engaging learning experience and to create the conditions that would allow participants to implement their learning and challenge themselves on a daily basis, right from the start".

The originality of this initiative, inspired by experimental design, the principles of gamification and lean startup, incorporates tools designed by Livier to help people build and strengthen their habits and skills in continuous learning, adaptability and “growth mentality”.

The Future Skills program team

“Design is a means, not an end, and it relies mainly on empathy and our ability to understand and transform needs”

Passionate about personal development, Livier wore several hats during this project: designer and freelance consultant, active member of the Fulfilling Future team but also a lecturer in industrial design at Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí.
Since March 2020, Livier has been back in France and now works for PwC Luxembourg as a User Experience Designer in the Consulting / Technology division.
"In my job, you have to know how to create a story and make people own it, but it’s also vital to constantly nurture your creativity, especially by linking ideas that may initially seem far removed from each other. Design is a means, not an end, and it relies mainly on empathy and our ability to understand and transform needs," asserts Livier.