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Helping students find employment: more than a preoccupation, a priority!

Helping students find employment: more than a preoccupation, a priority!
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L’École de design’s department for internships and professional integration helps students prepare for their future career throughout their studies.

This department focuses on several areas:

- CV/application letter/portfolio workshops
- Meetings between students and business people
- Circulation of internship offers
- Circulation of job offers
- Development of the alumni network
- Incubation of projects

The internship – a crucial milestone

In the course of their studies, students come face to face with the reality of the working world through two compulsory internships and one optional one. Their first experience begins in the 3rd Year (with a 2-month internship). Then, in the 4th Year, they have the opportunity to spend a minimum of 3 months living abroad (internship or study trip). Finally, in the 5th Year, they complete a 4-6 month internship in a design agency or company. This serves as a springboard for their career, with 40% of students going on to keep their post in 2012.

Students receive help and guidance to find an internship throughout the 2nd year of their course. Several workshops are organized on putting together a CV, application letter and portfolio. The aim is to give them the best chance of finding an internship and, in the future, a job.

Company recruitment days

Since 2007, the school has been organizing special days dedicated to companies, which aim to encourage partnerships between students and employers. Recently, 5th year students had the chance to attend conferences followed by personal interviews with leading companies such as PAS Design Lab, Seb atelier digital, Oxylane, Alstom, Dassault, Renault IHM, Leroy-Merlin and Inside solution.

Other events are organized to help students build or consolidate their career plan. These events focus on different themes: how to create and exploit a network/the job market/interview techniques/testimonials from former students/how to set up your own company.

Job opportunities and networking for former students

The number of internship and job offers posted continues to increase. Last year, over 150 internship offers were circulated to students and former students received more than 400 job offers.

Each year the school’s alumni network grows, and today we have over 1500 alumni around the world working in a wide range of professions: product designers, interaction designers, spatial designers and graphic designers.

One of the network’s aims is to help create long-term ties between former students throughout their professional career; a network of mutual assistance and support for our alumni.

Incubation of projects: a logical follow-up

We have recently begun offering students a service to help them find incubation solutions for their projects. Depending on the project, the Department for Internships and Professional Integration guides students with projects towards the most appropriate business partners.

A professional project or a career path are built over time, every step counts, no path is pre-destined or linear.


Maud MEUDIC, Internship and Business Relations Coordinator
Mathieu BERNARD, Student Placement Coordinator