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From Nantes to San Francisco…

From Nantes to San Francisco…

More and more of our graduates are starting exciting careers as designers on the international market.  This is the case for Arthur Kenzo, who graduated in 2012 and now works as a designer at fuseproject, one of the most active design agencies of the moment, set up by Yves Béhar.  We take a look back at this globetrotter’s journey…


Tell us about your professional background
After taking the Transcultural Design course in China, I went to work as an industrial designer at the Lunar Design agency in San Francisco, then at fuseproject. However, I have always continued my own activity as a freelance designer alongside my main career, in order to help companies or start-ups fulfil their innovative projects.

What successes and difficulties have you come up against in your career?
My greatest success has always been to push myself and my design skills to the limit, which has given me a wide choice of career opportunities and the chance to travel to some prestigious destinations. On the other hand, travelling implies dealing with the unknown which can be both exciting and difficult.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I strongly believe that life experience and cultural exchanges are the best source of inspiration. Life experience makes each designer what they are and gives them totally unique character traits. In my view, one of the designer’s responsibilities is to remain perpetually curious about everything.

Can you show us one of your creations at fuseproject?
I worked for August, a start-up co-founded by Yves Béhar. August Smart Lock is an intelligent locking device which can be fitted to the inside of your front door. This device, a real marvel of technology, is controlled via a mobile application which lets users unlock their doors automatically when they are nearby. We worked on three main principles: making your house more accessible, more secure, and more social. The service’s social approach is revolutionary. August Smart Lock lets the lock’s administrator send virtual keys to his/her family, friends, or even a cleaner for example. You can therefore manage your keyring remotely, simply and intuitively.