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From data to information

From data to information
#information design

Not so long ago students had to search for information in the press, in encyclopedias, or in books. Today, they are inundated with information, bombarded with a wealth of knowledge, torrents of news and every imaginable point of view – to the extent that sometimes events are created, lived, and forgotten by those who create them to highlight their own opinion. You just have to look at Twitter to know that sometimes the information on it precedes the event itself.

Christian Guellerin

How can we go about selecting, listing, classifying and prioritizing all of the information now available in order to obtain knowledge and material from which we can learn and progress? This is a tremendous challenge for designers who are having to work on a new representation and a new definition of knowledge. Especially now that public and private institutions have announced that they too will be making their information public. The demand for transparency means they are forced to provide access to thousands of pages of data in their possession. It is an opportunity to consider new uses, new services and new applications. This society of structured information gives us the opportunity to think out of the box, to create a new economy of services and knowledge.

Next September, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is opening a new Master’s degree in “Visualization of Information”. With a course title like that, the students who enroll on it will surely shed some light on the world we live in.

Christian Guellerin, Managing Director of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique