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From behind the scenes to center stage

From behind the scenes to center stage

From 6 to 10 January 2014, students from the International Class took part in a workshop run by the designer Jules Charbonnet, in partnership with the Nantes-based concert venue Trempolino.

When K’Bossi (a group from Madagascar) came to play a concert, it was the opportunity for twenty or so students from the International Class Global design group to design the set for their concert. The workshop dedicated to this project was directed by Jules Charbonnet, a designer who has already worked with L’École de design on several occasions.

Throughout this week, the students used motifs and techniques borrowed from the musicians’ traditional culture to create their stage set. The result is a combination of functional and portable set elements to create video projections.

At the end of the workshop, the students were naturally invited to K’Bossi’s concert at Trempolino on the Friday evening. They were responsible for directing the performance and had the opportunity to see the public’s reaction to their work in a festive atmosphere.

K’Bossi group rehearsals with their new stage set

This stage set was presented at L’École de design’s Open Day, when the group put on a second performance as a thank you to the students involved in the project.

The Trempolino team truly appreciated this collaboration with Barreau & Charbonnet agency and L’École de design, and is already planning other joint projects for the future.

Nicolas Prioux, Course Leader International Class

Photos credits: Gaëlle Valin

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