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First prize at La Banque Postale Hackathon

First prize at La Banque Postale Hackathon

Feedback from Léa Dubois, 3rd year Bachelor’s student in Interaction Design, on her participation in the 2018 Hackathon: 52 hours of intensive hard work to walk away with first prize with a project on artificial intelligence serving the digital cause.

Making up the team and choosing the topic

"The hackathon took place in two phases, an initial pre-screening phase on 26 January 2018 where only 5 teams out of 10 were selected, then the final pitch on 27 January 2018 with 3 teams on the podium. The topic we chose with my team out of the three options was: Using artificial intelligence to improve the universality of banking services, or how AI can break down the barriers in the world of banking e.g. foreign languages, disabilities, etc.

My team consisted of six people: two employees from La Banque Postale, one fairly commercial profile and another who was more strategic, a student from l’école 42, the founder of a tech startup and a marketer. The different qualities and knowledge resulted in a complementary team."

An interactive terminal with simple interfaces

"Our project was to create an interactive terminal with very simple universal interfaces that could be easily understood by all. The interfaces are exactly the same on mobiles and tablets, they use speech recognition and the interfaces only contain icons.
The aim is to make digital technology accessible to people whose mother tongue is not French - the terminal lets them speak in their own language and the interfaces adapt accordingly letting them convert the amount into their own currency etc. The interactive terminal also meets the needs of illiterate people as the icons act as a universal language. It’s a real opportunity to be able to share your knowledge with other people from completely different fields and to gain some of their knowledge in exchange - that’s what makes for unique projects and unforgettable experiences."

A fantastic UX/UI challenge and a first prize

"This hackathon was a great challenge in UX/UI for me, but also in human terms, as much for the difficulties as for the joy of victory on D Day, and the satisfaction of seeing our project become a reality in the near future."

Léa Dubois
3nd year BDes student in Interaction Design