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First issue of CADI

First issue of CADI

CADI, the research journal published by l’ École de design Nantes Atlantique : a new tool for spreading the existing body of knowledge in design...

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique has just launched a new print media aimed at promoting research projects centered on design and produced by both in-house contributors and personalities from outside our institution. Two issues will be released every year - each revolving around one single central theme. Those will be complemented with a special issue gathering a number of interviews with a wide range of experts who supervized some of our fifth-year students’ final projects. Their contribution is a way to address significant contemporary issues.

Resolutely rooted in an outward and international policy, CADI is entirely bilingual (English/French) and thus likely to spread on a worldwide scale.

The first issue - dedicated to “Experience Design” - was released in January 2008. Subscription is mandatory for those who wish to be shipped issues of our journal (12 euros per year). Included in this first issue are feature articles by David Bihanic and Yann Le Guennec - both professors at l’École de design - and an interview with Régine Charvet-Pello, Managing Director of the RCP Design Global agency.

Upcoming issues : a special issue to be released in April 2008 and issue # 2, dedicated to “Knowledge Transfer,” to be released in September 2008.
Graphic design : éditions MeMo, Nantes.
Contact : Frédéric Degouzon (,
Head of the Research Department.
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