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Feedback on the partnership between the Armor group and the school

Feedback on the partnership between the Armor group and the school

Interview with François Barreau, marketing and development director at Armor Sustainable Energies.

How did the idea of developing a partnership with L’École de design come about?
This partnership, based on the theme of survivalism, was a logical follow-up to the first project we worked on together in 2013, designing the street furniture of tomorrow and energy self-sufficiency for the Ecocity event. It was a rewarding experience which only served to strengthen my conviction that the integration of design will play a key role in the success of new technologies like organic photovoltaic. We have to invent new uses and come up with radical breakthroughs. Who better to do that than a designer? The theme of survivalism also reflected the end of the world and the creation of a new paradigm.

It was in this spirit that Armor decided to back this initiative and, through its Beautiful Light Project© dedicated to organic photovoltaic technology (OPV), to provide innovative and groundbreaking solutions to promote the emergence of new models.

The work produced by the students for this exhibition is full of promise for the future generations. It shows that the combination of creativity, innovation and know-how gives far more than just a simple product; it introduces new uses while preserving social links, our natural resources and the dream of a better future.

Accompagner un développement de projet au sein d'une école - Qu'est ce que cela représente ?

Cela représente une source d’inspiration, de la confiance de la part des nouvelles générations à réinventer le monde demain grâce à des innovations technologiques tout en tenant compte des enjeux de développement durable auxquels nous sommes très attachés.

What does it mean to you to help develop such a project in a school?
It represents a source of inspiration; the new generations’ confidence in reinventing tomorrow’s world through technological innovations, while taking account of the challenges of sustainable development which are so important to us.

What feedback were/are you expecting?
I was expecting creativity from the students. Not aesthetic creativity but creativity to serve the masses. Frankly, they came up with the goods – well done to them all.  I am convinced that the value of their work will be recognized – I certainly wish it for all of them.

What other initiatives are planned between the school and Armor?
As well as that, we have launched a prospective study on the theme: “What is the way forward for tomorrow’s lighting in the energy, environmental, social and health context, present and future?” This issue is at the heart of our marketing strategy.

What would you tell another company about sponsoring, corporate patronage, technological partnerships, etc.?
Go for it!  Leave the students their freedom of thought; give them the luxury of opening doors to them, even if you don’t feel totally comfortable with the idea initially. They aren’t working alone, there is a team of professionals behind them to refocus them if necessary and, you’ll see in the end, the result is amazing.