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Tour LU (x) Exhibition, October 1st to October 6th 2016

Tour LU (x) Exhibition, October 1st to October 6th 2016

Exhibition Tour LU(x) between the 1st and the 6th of October 2016

The Lieu Unique has given L’École de design Nantes Atlantique the use of the space known as Spiral for an exhibition entitled TOUR LU(x). Thanks to a partnership with the Lieu Unique, the school is displaying the students’ proposals between 1st and 6th October 2016.

As part of the READi Design Lab’s activities and their observation of uses/users confronted with new industrial and cultural spaces, the Design Lab was contacted by the Lieu Unique to help create an interactive tour of the LU tower highlighting its history. The aim of the project (carried out between 11th and 15th April 2016) was to rethink the visit of the LU tower, giving visitors an interactive experience that teaches them more about the history of the Lieu Unique as they make their way up to the top of the tower.

From LU to L.U.
Since it was opened to the public in 2004, visitors have been able to explore the LU tower (on average 25,000 people per year), with some historical facts about the former biscuit factory provided along the way as visitors make their way up to the top, where they can admire the city using the “gyrorama”, a unique installation created by a collective of artists. Today, the visit is deemed ill-suited to the needs and desires of visitors who wish to learn more about the history of the place.

The aim of the project was to design a new tour of the site, including the visit of the tower but also the other LU spaces open to the public (outside areas, exhibition hall, gyrorama, etc.) From a pedagogical point of view, the project was intended to encourage students to design innovative concepts, develop their skills in project management and communication and to have a well thought out forward-looking positioning with an innovative dynamic.

This one-week project was launched by Patrick Gyger (Director of the Lieu Unique) and Patricia Buck (Exhibitions Manager), who explained the implications of the project and the constraints of the Lieu Unique to students in Tangible Interfaces from different design professions within the school.
Christophe Cesbron, the project initiator, joined the teaching team made up of Bruno Houssin and Arnaud Le Roi. In groups of three or four, the students worked on the following tasks: site visit, design brief, research, ideation and iteration to prepare for the presentation of concepts and the start of production (models and video documents) by the end of the week.

The exhibition entitled TOUR LU(x) in the Spiral area contains the students’ proposals to transform the visitor journey in the LU tower.
Simon LEBASTARD, Maxence BELAY, Laureline ORVAIN, Anais HAMEL, Anael MADIOT, Charlotte JACOB, Marie RANNOU, Yoan HAUTBOIS, Guillaume ALLEMON, Camille BOULESTIN
The exhibition is open to the public from 1st to 6th October 2016.

Saturday 1st October: 3-7pm

Tuesday 4th to Thursday 6th October: 6-8pm

Espace spirale - Le lieu unique
2 Quai Ferdinand Favre, 44000 Nantes