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Survival exhibited at the DMA gallery in Rennes

Survival exhibited at the DMA gallery in Rennes

After a one-week exhibition in Milan in April 2014 at the Satellite Salon, Survival, a selection of product design projects developed by students on the bachelor’s degree program, went on the move: first to L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, then to Nantes – St Nazaire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and now it is at the DMA Gallery in Rennes.

The Survival exhibition booth in Milan

34 students have worked on the theme of survival for the eighteen months. Light, leisure, memory, comfort, health and the day after: their concepts are original solutions to address the issue of survival in extreme conditions. The projects thus include all of the constraints: durability, multiple functionalities, integration, mobile uses, cultural dimensions and technological parameters. They combine convenience, style and instantaneous use.

This exhibition has two aims: firstly, to enable the students to consider an issue with strong societal connotations around the general theme of “Survival”, and secondly, to enable the general international public to discover the quality of future designers educated by the school. The exhibition has been backed by Armor, a French company specialising in the formulation, coating and transformation of thin films. Its organic photovoltaic technology (OPV) is used in two of the projects exhibited. Four of the six projects developed will be exhibited at the DMA gallery from 15th January to 27th February 2015:


The exhibition preview will take place on Thursday 15th January at 7.00 p.m.

DMA Gallery
4, bvd Laennec
35000 Rennes