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The evolutionary home at ARTIBAT

The evolutionary home at ARTIBAT

"The Evolutionary Home" at ARTIBAT - three days to upgrade a house and adapt it to its occupants.

What is ARTIBAT?

Launched in 1988 by the Union Régionale CAPEB Pays de la Loire to serve as a shop window for innovation and construction products, ARTIBAT is now established as the region’s top trade fair for the building profession. In 2016, ARTIBAT was the only national event on this scale just for the construction industry and covering first fix and second fix as well as public works.

A well-thought out building is a universal building that, helped along by trade professionals throughout its life cycle, can find use and usefulness time and time again for its occupants. Adapting and readapting accommodation is now part and parcel of our standard of living and at-home care for the elderly.
Fully aware that we can anticipate tomorrow’s challenges today, ARTIBAT initiated a new collaboration that rewrites the trade’s rulebook.

Students from the Nantes Atlantique School of Design and apprentices from Training Centres in Pays de La Loire, Brittany and the Manche department put their efforts into a joint project to design a home for exhibition at the 2016 trade fair that would evolve with the generations, being transformed at life’s milestones to suit the changing usages and needs of its occupants.

From design ...

At the project kick-off, ARTIBAT gave the following specifications to the second year design students on the Masters in Mutations of the Built Environment: How would you exemplify "responsible construction", a building that cares about its occupants and its surroundings, fully aware of future changes?

Supervised by Florent Orsoni, Director of the Sustainable Cities Design Lab, they invited the team from BTP-CFA Vendée to participate in a brainstorming session about the project.

Over two days, as a team they envisioned future construction methods that altered how we build and renovate, considering modular elements and home conversion: A bedroom and a dressing room become a flat for rental. When the kids have grown up and left home, a bathroom can be remodelled for the comfort and convenience of its occupants who wish to remain at home in their old age.

… to building at the trade fair.

Turned into a reality at the 15th ARTIBAT trade fair, a life-size house was built on dedicated 100m2 space by apprentices from Training Centres in Pays de La Loire, Brittany and the Manche department, to be transformed over the three days of the event from October 19th-21st 2016.

This partnership between the Nantes Atlantique School of Design and the construction industry training centres sends a clear message to trade professionals that two very different worlds can come together around a single objective: user comfort and universal design. Existing as a special event that brings together different skills, ARTIBAT can act as the catalyst for "working together for better design and better construction", facilitating encounters and collaborations between professionals.
In the opinion of Florent Orsoni, "ARTIBAT gives us an opportunity to work on new and innovative displays, and a chance to work with partners so we can carry out this kind of experiment. ARTIBAT really is a networking platform for industry stakeholders."