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Web2day 2015: a French Touch event

Web2day 2015: a French Touch event
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L’École de design and its platform dedicated to digital culture (the READi Design Lab) is renewing its support for the landmark event of the digital economy in Nantes (3-5 June 2015) with the organization of two conference series chaired by its alumni: Pierrick Thébault (Lead Designer AXA) on service design in the age of predictive algorithms, Inès Le Bihan and Valentin Gauffre on the “French touch” in the design of connected objects. A cutting edge program for an international event.

From measurement to prediction: an opportunity for service design

A round table initiated by Pierrick Thébault, under the auspices of the READi Design Lab, will take place on Wednesday 3rd June on the theme “big/small data: from insights to predictions”.

The round table will bring together experts in data processing to provide perspective on the impact of this new material on the development of new applications for health, marketing and cities. The participants will assess the current possibilities and discuss the opportunities and risks posed by the processing of small or big data for the purpose of predictions.

The following people will contribute successively:

- Jonathan Aigrain, doctoral student at LIP6, expert in machine learning, who will address the health aspects (analyzing stress, autism)
- Julien Vinkel, former manager of big data at CDiscount and R&D officer at AXA’s Data Innovation Lab, will talk about the applications of big data for marketing
- Sébastian Grauwin, former postdoc at the SENSEable City Lab and freelance researcher, will deal with the analysis of metadata at city level

Pierrick Thébault
graduated in 2008 from L’École de design, has a PhD from Arts et Métiers and is a research fellow at the MIT Media Lab, currently Lead Designer at AXA

La French touch in connected objects: myth or reality?

A second round table will also be held on Wednesday 3rd June on the theme “Smarter by Design: La French touch of IoT”. Chaired by Liam Boogar (Rude Baguette), it will bring together experts including Inès Le Bihan who graduated in 2013, and is today a designer at HTC in San Franscisco where she has helped develop some outstanding products, and Valentin Gauffre, founder of 42 Factory, a startup in Nantes devoted to designing connected objects.

Inès Le Bihan, alumni 2013 - Web2day 2015

Web2day 2015

3 -5 juin 2015

Stéréolux, Nantes