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Public presentation of the work produced by the DU DESSiiN students’ first year

Public presentation of the work produced by the DU DESSiiN students’ first year
Première promotion du DU DESSiiN, 2014-2015

On February 26, students from the first class of the 2014-2015 DU DESSiiN program (Design of Innovative Interactive Services: Communicating Objects & Tangible Interfaces) presented their work to the public. To mark the occasion, Olivier Laboux, President of Université de Nantes, Christian Guellerin, Director of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and Marie-Catherine Mouchot, Director of communication and business relations for Télécom Bretagne, awarded certificates to 20 students from the graduating class at an official ceremony.

A hybrid of design and digital uses, DU DESSiiN embodies the ambition of the future university complex which is due to open in 2017 in the Quartier de la Création in Nantes. Embracing the shift to a new era brought about by the advent of the digital age and the Internet of things, l’Université de Nantes, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and Télécom Bretagne opened the first course entirely dedicated to connected objects in September 2014.

Based on an interdisciplinary approach, DU DESSiiN was designed to cater for student designers and engineers specializing in IT, electronics and telecommunication from year 1 Master’s level, as well as professionals wishing to resume their studies (continuing education). The aim of this multidisciplinary approach is to encourage the blending of skills which will be developed over the course.

The projects submitted were worked on in pairs, each one made up of one student from L’École de design and one student from Polytech or from Télécom Bretagne. Each team developped within 6 months a project which met their expectations in terms of innovative interactive services.

During this public presentation, which took place at the PRI Design’In Pays de la Loire in Nantes, 2 projects have been rewarded:

Luka, projet réalisé par Floriane Aubrit et Quentin Gillardin

Project carried out by Floriane Aubrit, student designer, and Quentin Gillardin, student engineer at Télécom Bretagne, on a teaching aid intended to extend the FabLab community.

LUKA is a pocket-sized communicating object which you can make yourself. It enables you very simply to control the interface with machines and to make rapid prototypes, without the need for in-depth knowledge of electronics. It really comes into its own in the Fablab working environment. Connected to the FabLab environment, it gives access to its owner’s personal working environment and their history of documentation. It is also a tool for active learning since users are invited to build the device themselves. Thanks to a combined web platform, users can get help and advice on how to build extensions for their LUKA via on-line tutorials. It helps unite the community around the project and provide participatory documentation.

Ümbaya, projet réalisé par Mathieu Nauleau et Mehdi Cherif


Project carried out by Mathieu Nauleau, student designer, and Mehdi Cherif, student engineer at Polytech.

It’s a small world… Taking this idea as a starting point, we created Ümbaya, a social network based on connected objects that can be passed from one person to the next so that they go on a journey. Each object is unique and “contains” a virtual avatar which informs the community of its movements. This means that everyone can follow their adventures and take part in this journey of discovery through photos and videos of traditions, special places or historic monuments. More than just a simple news feed, it’s a fun way of showcasing field experience and passing it on to the community. Adopt one of these objects, take part in this new experience and discover the world every day through its inhabitants!