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Food Design Lab at Dutch Design Week 2019

Food Design Lab at Dutch Design Week 2019
ÖLÖTL by Anne-Sophie Flores

Rethinking Plastics: design with a mission

Dutch Design Foundation and Yksi Expo organized the ‘Rethinking plastics’ in order to emphasize the importance of designers in the transition to a sustainable future.

Following the UN’s warning that we have just 12 years to prevent environmental catastrophe, designers and brands must take sustainability seriously. Rather than simply recycling materials, companies are increasingly looking at how they can be more circular.

WAUNANA by Nataly Restrepo

From food waste to circular economy at Food Design Lab

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique Food Design Lab will be exhibiting two circular projects: ÖLÖTL by Anne-sophie FloresWAUNANA by Nataly Restrepo at Dutch Design Week Eindhoven: Yksi exhibition from 19 - 27 October and at Rethinking Plastic 30 Oct - 5 January.

The projects reflect both ethos of L’École de design, Nantes Atlantique and its Food Design Lab. While the ethos of the school is to demonstrate the value of design in growing economies, Food Design Lab focus is on the global concern on how to feed the billions now and in the future specializing in protein transitions and minimizing food waste. Both ÖLÖTL and WAUNANA are ecological business models that were developed from final year students’ projects. This is the power of design in transforming people’s habits and working towards a more sustainable and cleaner planet.

While ÖLÖTL by Anne-sophie Flores is a biodegradable food package and an alternative to plastic designed for the Mexican market, WAUNANA is an aperitif cold drink prepared from coffee byproducts. This commercial product was designed by Nataly Restrepo an alumni of L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and food design specialist and the Creative Director at Foodlosofia in Mexico, and initiated in Nantes as her final degree project.