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Strengthening links with the JAIST through research in digital culture

Strengthening links with the JAIST through research in digital culture

Doctoral research in digital culture

Matthieu Tessier, a student trained in the READi Design Lab is currently completing his thesis at JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) in Kanazawa, Japan, under the direction of Professor Kazunori Miyata. His research topic is entitled: “The design of Tangible interfaces, volumes and geometry: Effects on discoverability and cognitive load”. Grégoire Cliquet, Director of the READi Design Lab, is involved in the interim validation phase of the progress of his thesis, as well as for the thesis of Chinese student Ding Wai who, incidentally, is Academic Vice Dean of Dalian Polytechnic University School, whose thesis is entitled “The DPX Thinking Approach for Design Development of Smart Clothing”, and whose research is supervised by Professor Yukari Nagai (Director, International Research Center for Innovation Design) at JAIST.

This doctoral research partnership builds on the close links forged with Japan over the past ten years.

The JAIST (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

In 2009, Toni Da Luz and Remy Eynard carried out their final internship there and, together with the students of Professor Miyata, created various fun interactive devices that were presented in Tokyo at the International Virtual Reality Contest. That same year, Frantz Lasorne accompanied by Grégoire Cliquet, presented “Scope”, his final degree project, at the same event in Tokyo and went on to win several prizes at the Laval Virtual show. These exchanges continued with the 2012 edition of Siggraph Asia in Hong Kong, then a visit by Laurent Neyssensas in 2014 to JAIST, and a visit by Professor Miyata to Nantes in 2015 for the signature of a partnership agreement between our two establishments.

Winners of the IVRC/Laval Virtual 2014 competition, a team of staff from READi and 1st year students from MDes Immersive UX Design had the honor of presenting projects in Tokyo Stuart /IVRC Prize (Grégoire DavenasBenoît Senand and Marc Teyssier) and Overflown (Simon BertrandCorentin Fatus and Vincent Lorantt) / Prize for Graphic Design and received the “Special Recognition Award dans la catégorie Ecoles à l’IVRC 2014” prize.

A long-term partnership

Grégoire Cliquet was subsequently invited to JAIST in Japan to present recherches conducted in the Banque Populaire Grand Ouest - LIPPI Connected Environments Chair. In the context of the international symposium Human Life Design 2016 in Kanazawa, Grégoire Cliquet presented Transpoz, a tool for boosting creativity and design that enables the transformation of existing products into connected objects-services. He also had the chance to return in December as a Keynote Speaker at a conference on Design and innovation.

In 2017, the READi Design Lab hosted Naoki Kita, a doctoral student in Computer Graphics under the direction of Professor Miyata, for a 10-month stay. During her doctoral residence in READi, Naoki had the opportunity to be involved in the IDEA project: Immersive Data Exploration & Analysis, supported by the Ouest Industries Créatives research, training and innovation regional program, jointly run by the LS2N Polytech laboratory/Université de Nantes and READi. During her residence, Naoki wrote an article proposing a new technique for spatializing 3D elements in immersive spaces: “Mapping Two-Dimensional Plots to Spherical Surface”.

Jocelyne Le Bœuf, Director of Research and Design Lab Development, and Grégoire Cliquet, director of the READi Design Lab.