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Discovering Russian design

Discovering Russian design

L’École de design was invited to Moscow for the Green Project festival 2013, organized by the Russian Association of Architects and the Russian publisher ARD who is specialized in books on architecture and construction.

The program included a two-day exhibition of projects and conferences on the theme of eco-construction and sustainable development, somewhat unusual themes for this part of Europe. In light of this, the school presented a selection of projects by 3rd-year students in spatial design, on the theme of phytopurification, and by Master’s students in Mutations of the Built Environment, on the theme of accessibility. Florent Orsoni, director of the Sustainable Cities Design Lab, also led a one-hour conference on the issue of accessibility in city center shops, before an audience of architects and Russian developers. They were extremely interested in this unique approach in a city like Moscow where the car is still the dominant means of travel and thus dictates transport policy.

National Design Institute (NDI)

Meeting the design schools in Moscow

Besides a presentation of our establishment to young expatriates studying in the French lycée in Moscow, this brief visit to the biggest European capital was also an opportunity to visit several design schools:

- the National Design Institute (NDI) whose director, Yuri Nazarov, is also president of the association of Russian designers. This private State-recognized institute trains 400 students on 4-year courses in product design, fashion design, graphic design and spatial design.

- the Strelka Institute for media, architecture and design, a new private school founded 3 years ago, offers a 9-month program entirely in English, to 40 or so students made up of architects, designers, journalists and sociologists. The program addresses different themes related to the city, using a "design thinking" methodology.

- the Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design, a public school which trains 1300 students on Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses in product design, transport, graphic design, interior design, retail architecture, furniture design and fine arts.

Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Design

In the coming years, the potential for economic development in Russia should lead to many career opportunities in the design industry for our future graduates, primarily in interior design, retail and graphic design.

Stéphane Gouret
Director of Undergraduate Studies and Head of Vocational Training Center