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#DesignTheFrenchWay: an immersive experience in a major French design school

#DesignTheFrenchWay: an immersive experience in a major French design school

Studying design in France represents a real opportunity to benefit from a specific French approach to design, but also to live a rewarding and meaningful experience that will enhance his professional path.

Danny Haffel, USA, MDes Food Design 2020

Study in France, a country of designers

France is known worldwide for its cultural and artistic richness. France is also internationally acclaimed for its top-notch higher education system, with degrees guaranteed by the State, and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique is no exception, with fully recognized undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

The school is situated in Nantes, creative capital of the West of France renowned for the quality of its living. The region’s economic dynamism is a true asset for the school and its students, the pedagogy being organized in strong link with business and industry.

Learn and practice design the French way !

Understanding other cultures and other value systems is a major asset for every designer, and this is exactly what our international programs are about. L’École de design Nantes Atlantique offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs taught in English to French and international students, providing them exciting opportunities to discover the design as taught within the school, and to work on design projects in a multicultural environment.

Get the most out of your stay in France !

As a result to our commitment, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique was awarded the “Bienvenue en France” label with the maximum score of three stars by Campus France. This label demonstrates the institution’s quality in welcoming international students.

A set of international programs tailored for the international students

Le Studio France, a special initiative for a better integration of international students

At postgraduate level, the school offers an international program organized in two years in Nantes and taught in English: MDes International Design Strategy / Le Studio France.

This program offers a great opportunity to carry out design projects in a multicultural context. It allows a good integration and a better approach of the methodology as taught at school through design practices based on the expertise of our Design Labs.

LE DIPLÔME DE DESIGN BAC+5 : A State-recognized Master’s level Degree in design

The “Diplôme de design” is based on a five-year curriculum, divided into two parts, BDes, a three-year undergraduate course (taught in French), MDes, a two-year postgraduate course; and leads to the master’s level degree (Diplôme de design) certified by the French Ministry of Higher Education.


An International Class at undergraduate level

The school offers three international DN MADE courses entirely taught in English organized in one year, that correspond to the 3rd and final year of the undergraduate studies :
DN MADE Retail & Interior Design
DN MADE Digital Media Design
DN MADE Industrial Products

These programs welcome students from all over the world who have completed a minimum of two years of study in design.

DN MADE: A State-controlled Undergraduate Diploma

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique delivers the DN MADE, National Diploma in Fine Arts, Crafts and Design leading to the award of an Undergraduate Diploma after three years of studies.



A one-year program to prepare French-speaking international students to join undergraduate studies in Arts, Design & Media.

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique also offers a preparatory program specifically tailored for French-speaking international students who wish to pursue their undergraduate studies in a French-speaking program, at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique or any other institution.


More information about these programs can be found in our brochure “WEB-guide-international-2021”.

We also remain at your disposal for any further request by email: