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Design and Innovation Management: the very first time

Design and Innovation Management: the very first time

The year 2013 is marked by the first class of graduates of the Design and Innovation Management Apprenticeship Master’s Program.

Since September 2011, we have had the pleasure of managing a new program at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique. Called Design and Innovation Management, this Master’s program has 2 distinctive features. First, it is part of the apprenticeship programs managed by the school’s vocational training center ; secondly, its content is most unusual. The program focuses on a number of different topics:
- Design project organization and management,
- Development of the ability to work together as a team and communicate effectively,
- The search for the most relevant, and even irrelevant, solutions through creative methods as well as innovation techniques.

Of the 18 apprentices who started out in the program, 17 were able to complete the courses and their personal project. Their oral exams took place last September, under the same conditions as for the school’s other students, before a jury of professionals.

We are delighted with the results obtained on this occasion as well as with the comments of the members of the juries. They emphasized the ease and the professionalism of our students during the exams. And it gives us even greater pleasure to know that this appraisal meets with the program’s objectives and that we can observe the relevance of our curriculum. As a complement to the school, the opportunity to confront the business world and the importance of the collaborative work with the mentors during the two years allowed students to gain experience and professional maturity, as was duly noted.

The setting up of this apprenticeship program was an ongoing job. We had to meet both the requirements of the company and the results obligations linked to the vocational training program. During the 2nd year, the main goal was to complete the final project.

This was achieved at times at the cost of tremendous sacrifices in the students’ personal life. It is important to stress the courage required to successfully complete a program like this one.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the graduating class for having borne with us during these two years of experimentation with a new program and congratulations on the results obtained.

The entire class graduated with honors, one quarter of them with the highest honors, and we can even pride ourselves with a student with the highest class average.

Bravo to Ségolène Miet and congratulations to all.

Jean-Yves Chevalier
Course Leader of the postgraduate vocational training program Design and Innovation Management

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