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Crosscultural Design: first Master’s thesis defense in Shanghai

Crosscultural Design: first Master’s thesis defense in Shanghai

The candidates having joined the Cross-cultural Design graduate program in 2008 will defend their thesis in Shanghai on September 7, 2010. As part of the graduate degree in Design (equivalent to a Master’s in Design), this topic-based program brings together not only French students, but those from around the globe attempting to come face-to-face with the various economic, social and cultural Chinese contexts. It is conducted entirely in English.


Creative session during the spring 2010 design workshop with Haier.

A true crosscultural program in China

The students were given the opportunity to complement their theory-oriented instruction led by French designer, Frédéric Bonin, with internships in companies, agencies and design departments in Shanghai and beyond. The instruction programs were held in Qingdao (Shandong) at the heart of our China Campus. A move to Shanghai, China’s epicenter of contemporary creation, is planned for Fall 2010.

With regard to the program’s orientation, Frédéric Bonin, head instructor, expresses: “Studying and living outside of one’s “home” country pose a tremendous challenge when it comes to the awareness of the importance of human factors, their experimentation and ultimately, their integration into the design process.”


The Sino French Institute at Tongji Campus

A Professional Jury in Shanghaï

As part of the degree requirements, each candidate will be evaluated by a jury comprised of professional designers, industry representatives and well-known figures having in common extensive know-how of the Chinese mindset and market. The defenses will take place at the Sino-French Institute of Engineering and Management located on the Tongji University campus.

A series of events and celebration for Cumulus 20th anniversary

A telling turnout and show of support expected for the 20th anniversary celebration of the international association, Cumulus, in the city of this year’s World Fair.

Design and its teaching will take center stage during this time. Since 2007, Christian Guellerin, Director of L’Ecole de design Nantes Atlantique, has presided over Cumulus, the first global association of higher education institutions in art, design and media, which will be celebrating its 20-year anniversary during the Fall conference. The symposium’s theme, “Young Creators for Better City & Better Life”, will be coupled with a topic-oriented exhibition wherein twelve final degree projects stemming from our Master’s programs will be visible to the public. The exhibition will revolve around four themes, which include “Sustainability and Social Innovation”, “Local Wisdom & Globalization”, “Old and Young” and “Social Economic and Design”, all of which are sponsored by world-renowned leaders in the areas of Design research and instruction (E. Manzini, L. Justice, Y. Sotaama, J.Myerson).

Opens Wednesday, September 8.