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Creative thinking takes center stage in Nantes

Creative thinking takes center stage in Nantes

The Design Développement conference day on "Design and innovation: forms of creativity" took place in Nantes on 3 April 2014. Destined for students, designers, design professionals and facilitators, regional/local authorities, R&D or marketing managers and company managers, this event was intended to highlight the importance of developing creativity in companies through workshops and conferences. We take a closer look at the day’s events.

Participatory workshops to facilitate discussion

3 workshops helped to illustrate the concept of creative thinking in various fields of design:

-Sustainable cities, creative cities?
Florent Orsoni, director of the Sustainable Cities Design Lab invited civil society actors and specialists in creative cities, Matthieu Theaudin (designer for Phytolab) and Julien Dossier (Co-director of ECOCITY programs at QuattroLibri) to discuss the question of whether creative cities can accelerate the shift towards sustainable cities. Following the discussions on the subject, participants made practical proposals as to how make creative cities a reality.

-Co-design: Creativity and transdisciplinarity
The co-design platform FoodInnov’ (involving several establishments from the Loire region) was inaugurated in September 2013. Since it was launched, a number of creativity sessions have provided the opportunity to test the scheme and to learn some lessons from it. Benoît Millet, director of the New Eating Habits Design Lab and his guests, Frédéric Poulain, research director and Francine Fayolle, head of the food process engineering department at Oniris Nantes, attempted to address the question of creativity and the position of designer in a co-design situation.

- There is no age for being creative!
How can design encourage active and autonomous ageing in senior citizens? Gaël Guilloux, director of the Care Design Lab, along with specialists on ageing, focused on design for senior citizens and co-design with the elderly to understand the expectations, needs and behavior of senior citizens, in order to offer appropriate products, services or accommodation.

Matthieu Theaudin, Julien Dossier and Emmanuel Allouche

A round table to come up with initiatives and tools for implementing creativity

Entitled "Design and Innovation: forms of practice", the aim of this conference was to demonstrate how to manage creativity in companies.  How to harness it, channel it, organize it, free it and cultivate it.

Jean-Luc Barassard, head of company strategy at L’École de design, had the opportunity to question Yann Naslain, design manager at Dorel, Saran Diakité Kaba, head of UX Innovation at PSA Peugeot Citroën, Jean-Baptiste Julio, director of La Brosserie Julio and Vincent Pujos, associate director of Sensipode.

Some of the subjects tackled included the definition of creative thinking in companies, conditions to promote creativity, methods for implementing it, a presentation of concrete examples and an illustration of responsive and reactive companies. These subjects served to highlight the importance of the role of the designer in company management.

Jean-Baptiste Julio, Saran Diakité Kaba, Yann Naslain and Vincent Pujos

Finally, a major conference given by Finn Petrén, president of Design for All Europe (EIDD) from 2007 to 2013

This joint project, organized by Design Développement and the Ateliers du Cluster du Quartier de la création, focused on the strategic use of design for social development and innovation. The Design For All approach is based on the principle that all users can access, use and understand part of the environment, with as much autonomy as possible, and participate in the construction of our society in all types of activity, namely economic, social, cultural, entertainment and leisure.

There are some great projects on the horizon!

Marie BERG
, Internships and Business Relations Coordinator