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Spotlight on AtmoTrack at the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show

Spotlight on AtmoTrack at the 2018 Consumer Electronic Show

Focus on AtmoTrack

The aim of AtmoTrack is to improve air quality by offering a solution that is 100% designed and made in France. With its network of mobile sensors and fixed stations, AtmoTrack helps manufacturers and local authorities understand and identify the sources of pollution in a very localized manner, both inside and outside. An entrepreneurial venture imagined by Valentin Gauffre, which he began in 2011 during his Transcultural Design Master’s program in L’École de design’s China Studio, and has since developed with his partner Romain Scimia.

The emergence of the project was possible thanks to the incubator at IMT Nantes, through a partnership with L’École de design which gave us access to premises when the activity began in 2015. Now, AtmoTrack is a growing community which relies on experts in air quality, urban planners, solution providers for reducing pollution, but also major groups who support the ecological transition, such as La Poste and Harmonie Mutuelle who have been hosting us jointly since the beginning of 2017 together with L’Ecole de design’s Care Design LabAtmoTrack is the only company specialized in air quality to have been awarded the “Green Tech Verte” label by the Ministry of the Environment and ADEME since 2016. Every day, we continue to build new partnerships (both private and public) to ensure the success of our mission,” explains its founder Valentin Gauffre.

Atmotrack sensor installed on a vehicle

What do you expect to gain from AtmoTrack being present at the Las Vegas CES?

Invited by La PosteAtmoTrack is exhibited on the FrenchIoT stand. “The CES is first and foremost the kingdom of American exhibitionism, a lot of hot air and excitement, but more importantly there is a very strong French presence in the field of connected objects. We see this show as a huge playground for testing (and learning) new ways of communicating about our company, confronting international competition, and meeting an unbelievable number of key players in record time!
We are also going to test new applications geared to the general public, which up till now we had never done, using the show as a large-scale user test. Plus, our presence at the biggest show in the world also proves that choosing the Made in France approach doesn’t limit a startup to the French market, but can also lead to success on other continents in parallel.”


4 alumni and more than 11 products on show

Valentin Gauffre of XLII Factory with AtmoTrack

Christophe Branchu, founder of the agency Design Juke with 2 products on show:
• KanDao (360° VR video camera) 64425, South Plaza, Convention Centre
relync (folding electric scooter)

Jean Christophe Naour , interaction design at Samsung : several original products in connected TV

Inès Le Bihan industrial designer with 5 products:
2 for Xiaomi:
• Xiaomi Amazfit (connected jewelry)
Scale (connected scales)

and 3 other products:
• Vault0x (wristband wallet for cryptocurrencies)
• Glutrac (bracelet for diabetics)
• Decibel

The Dodow project is also on show (Yellow Lab, by Gui Perrier and Pierre-Luc Deniel)