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Conference: Smart City: a new urban design? with B. Marzloff

Conference: Smart City: a new urban design? with B. Marzloff

The first “information decoding” session of the Banque Populaire Atlantique - Lippi Connected Environments Chair will take place in Nantes in the presence of an exceptional guest, Bruno Marzloff.

Smart City: a new urban design?

Information decoding: a two-hour format in which to discuss a concept or issue related to connected environments. A one-hour interview by the members of the Chair, followed by a debate with students and researchers.

“Smart City: a new urban design?” explores urban changes due to digital influences, starting with a specific, everyday example. Here, we will discuss the issue of work.

“Will work remain contained within the sphere of work? This is far from being a certainty; on the contrary, everything seems to suggest considerable porosities for which the limits are difficult to foresee. The share of subordinated time is even harder to distinguish from personal time as there is confusion regarding the workplace. 48% of people in employment state that they work at home outside of working hours, and 19% on public transport. Work no longer takes place at work. Will work at the office become an exception in the future? This is possible. (...)
The wave of unrelated workplaces is so prolific that working from home no longer means anything. There are now 6,000 co-working areas in the world, and that number is increasing at a rate of 100%. Nexcity, Bouygues Immo, Poste Immo, SNCF Immo and others are striving to transform the physical office into work services. It is as if we are suddenly realising that the workspaces must echo the agility of the workers. How can this be done? What model can be sold?

Bruno Marzloff

Guest speaker - Bruno Marzloff
Sociologist and prospective analyst, head of the Chronos Centre for Studies
Bruno Marzloff, with an education in sociology (Paris 1 Sorbonne) and management (Paris Dauphine), founded Média Mundi in 1993. A few years later, the Centre for Studies became Chronos, recognising observation of time and mobility of individuals as a lever in prospective study. Bruno Marzloff constantly analyses evolutions in ways of living and the transformation of the urban model: the city of services, mobile work, communities, proximities and policies of places, etc.

Conference led by Florent Orsoni, Director of the Sustainable Cities Design Lab, with the participation of Julien Lippi, President of the Chair.

Tuesday 13th January 2015 at 2.30 p.m.

Reception and coffee at 2 p.m.
Place: Atlanbois
15, boulevard Léon Bureau
44200 Nantes