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The importance of internships for students and companies

// 07/20/2018

To make it easier for students to enter the job market, L’École de design’s internship department organizes a series of key meetings with professionals in search of fresh young talent.

Maeva Hemon

4 months of Interaction Design in Hamburg

// 12/06/2017

Maeva Hemon, a third year Bachelor student in Interaction Design did her internship in the Computer Rock agency in Hamburg, Germany. Here is her feedback.

Nathan Frouin

Internship of an interaction design student in Norway

// 12/04/2017

Nathan Frouin did a three month internship while his bachelor in interaction design at R8 Edge in Norway between August and October 2017. He tells us about his experience.

Toute l'équipe de qu’est-ce que c’est design

A bachelor degree internship in Singapore

// 03/20/2017

Cross interview tutor – trainee, Yan Huang, at "qu’est-ce que c’est design" Singaporean agency.

Ophélie Brunet

4th year internship at Suez in Sydney – a great experience for all involved

// 02/22/2016

Ophélie Brunet, currently in the 1st year of a Master’s degree, is doing her compulsory 4-month internship in Sydney at Suez. Delighted with the experience, she tells us all about her daily working ...

An internship at Niji, a consultancy, design and technology company

// 11/26/2015

Alain Gautrot, Director of Design Operations at Niji and Gwénolé Coulomb, a 3rd year interaction student, speak about their meeting and the importance of internships.

Marc Teyssier

What do you do as an intern at the MIT Media Lab?

// 09/21/2015

Marc Teyssier, currently doing his end of studies internship at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge (United States), tells us about his experience.

Marc Teyssier

Final internship at MIT for Marc Teyssier

// 06/29/2015

Marc Teyssier, second year Master’s student in Virtual Reality & Design, is carrying out his final internship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. He gives us his first impressions.

1st year Master’s program internship abroad: feedback from Margaux Lecrenay, Graphic Designer for Isabela Rodrigues in Brazil

// 03/31/2015

The international internship during the 1st semester of the postgraduate studies gives students the opportunity to discover another country and other ways of working. Feedback from Margaux Lecrenay on ...