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Manon Malatray

6 stars in 6 years for L’École de design at the Observeur du design

// 01/26/2017

Vertigo by Alice Le Mouel awarded at the Observeur du design 2017. Flow d’énergie by Manon Malatray and UTO by Batia Bertho’s final degree projects awarded at the Observeur du design 2016.

The school participates to Laval Virtual 2015

// 03/03/2015

A booth to present end of studies projects in Virtual Reality, a digital guest book and a participation to Virtual Fantasy competitions.

Antoine Mazenot national Web design winner

Antoine Mazenot, gold medal winner in the web design category of the 43rd WorldSkills National Competition

// 02/19/2015

For the 4th year running, a student from L’École de design Nantes Atlantique has won the gold medal in the web design category.

Laura Petitjean

What’s the point of entering design competitions?

// 04/16/2014

Course Leaders strongly encourage students to participate in design competitions. Highlighted on the ins and outs of the design competition.

Shakespeare Machine

New York City awards the Shakespeare Machine for its excellence in design

// 08/21/2013

Ian Ardouin-Fumat, alumni 2012, received the Award for Excellence in Design from the New York City’s Public Design Commission.

Viz marathon 2012

Global Viz Marathon: an international data viz competition in Nantes

// 01/04/2013

The French session of the Global Viz Marathon 2012 was held in Nantes from 9 to 11 November. We take a closer look at the event…

Viz Marathon 2012 Nantes

Global Viz Marathon is Nantes-bound!

// 11/01/2012

For the first time in France, L’École de design is putting together the Viz Marathon, a global competition in information visualization, Nov. 9-11 2012.

Laval Virtual

Laval Virtual 2012: 1st prize in the Virtual Fantasy competition (limited time category)

// 05/30/2012

Team Lavalanche (B. BERGER, T. DESCLAIN, Q. LE ROUX and F. RAYMOND) wins the limited time competition at the 2012 international virtual reality event.

Worldskills: Gold Medals in Graphic Arts, Cabinet-Making and Webdesign

// 12/21/2010

Nelly Garreau, Paul Janvier & Nadim Raad each won gold in their respective discipline at the 41th session of Worldskills Pays de La Loire held at Le Mans (France) on October 15 and 16.