christian guellerin and olivier laboux

L’École de design joins the University of Nantes as an associate member

// 03/16/2017

L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and the University of Nantes have officially signed an association agreement.


Digital Design by L’École de design: 2017 will be digital!

// 12/20/2016

L’École de design will continue to develop in 2017, with new programs in the field of digital, a program in Brazil and an ambitious association with the University of Nantes.

Portrait of Christian Guellerin

Design projects to enlighten society

// 09/14/2016

Edito " Design projects to enlighten society". Renewal of the school’s visa for its Master’s degree by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, number of students for the school year, ...

L’École de design’s international presence

// 03/27/2015

Christian Guellerin’s editorial on the school international development

L’École de design’s new identity

// 12/10/2014

Returning to a single collective identity.

Designing Sustainable Development

// 02/10/2011

The pressing need to play the game of sustainable development prompts the business world to re-think its strategies. C. Guellerin sees this trend as a great opportunity for designers.

How We Find New Meaning through Design

// 01/11/2011

"Everything has turned into design," says C. Guellerin, Managing Director of L’École de design. Here is his take on the challenge posed by design as a way for users to decipher and shape their ...

Why Curriculums Must Go Global

// 10/26/2010

C. Guellerin, Managing Director of L’École de design, highlights the increasing necessity to elaborate globally scoped curriculums by taking in foreign students or facilitating Master student ...

“Designer: Careers and Professionalization”: a New Book on Designer Careers

// 09/30/2010

Design schools strive to keep pace with ever-changing markets to prepare graduates to take up strategic positions. Christian Guellerin and the Cumulus association published a collection of texts about ...