Elodie Faydi

Elodie Faydi, 2009 alumni: from shipbuilding to landscaping

// 03/14/2017

After doing a vocational training in spatial design, Elodie Faydi, continued her studies with a vocational degree in Landscape Planning. Today, she is perfecting the art of urban landscapes in New ...

From Student Project to Public Display

// 05/13/2016

The collaboration between regional public institutions, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique and the people of Saint-Nazaire, resulted in the renovation of the Penhoët station.

CFAI logo

The interior design architect program at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique, approved by the CFAI

// 01/08/2015

The CFAI (French Council of Interior Architects) validates and protects individual professional skills as well as modes of execution, by performing an annual audit of every member.


Augmented retail on show at Equipmag

// 09/17/2014

Three teams of 3rd year students in spatial design and interaction design will be exhibiting their projects at the next edition of the Equipmag trade fair, from 16 to 18 September 2014.

dream catcher bts espace

1st year BTS spatial design students go dream catching

// 05/16/2014

From 16 April to 17 May 2014, our students are exhibiting at the Franciscan Gallery in Saint-Nazaire, on the theme "Wanderings and daydreams in Mexico".


Discovering Russian design

// 01/06/2014

Invited for the Green Project festival 2013 in Moscow, organized by the Russian Association of Architects and the Russian publisher ARD, specialized in architecture and construction.

international class

The International Class is evolving, and centering on its managerial aspect

// 11/28/2013

This year, the International Class program is taking a more focused approach to design management by reorganizing its options.


Design at the service of public policy: the case study of Penhoët train station

// 11/22/2013

In the past few years design has gone far beyond the perimeter of industrial creation and is today becoming a discipline which facilitates dialogue with citizens about public projects.

Céline Divay

25th anniversary: Where are Alumni now?

// 04/30/2013

In honor of L’École de design’s 25th anniversary, Internships and Business Relations Coordinator Maud Meudic is compiling the profiles of its graduates. Where are they now? What have they taken away ...