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Workshop with international students

International Experience by L’École de design

// 10/18/2018

Designers must be able to combine openness to others, inquisitiveness, pragmatism and cultural awareness. Since 1999, L’École de design Nantes Atlantique has been developing an ambitious strategy to ...

A semester in Mexico City

// 08/31/2018

Charline Havart has just spent a semester at Centro, a university specialized in professionalizing creativity in Mexico City. She looks back on her experience and on the course of her academic ...

Exchange programs in Australia

// 03/27/2018

Feedback from Baptiste Riom and Paul Houbron, after one semester of an exchange program at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia.

Maud Colas – a year at Napier University

// 04/18/2016

After completing a 2-year advanced diploma in Product Design at the school, Maud Colas is now spending a year at Napier University, a partner school of L’École de design

Vocational Training in Product Design: designing and making in Belgium

// 03/05/2015

As part of their two-year course for the BTS in product design, we take a group of students abroad to spend a week in a different culture.

Séjour d'études à l'international

A semester abroad for our fourth year students

// 03/04/2013

L’École de design regards student mobility as essential for improving language learning, intercultural skills and self-confidence.


Study trip to Windesheim

// 12/07/2012

Back in April, L’École de design hosted a workshop where a group of students from the Windesheim School of Engineering and Design came to work. Now it was our turn to travel.

bts produit

Second study trip to Windesheim

// 10/29/2012

During their 2nd year, the BTS apprentices make a 1-week study trip abroad. We have joined a project called Carrousel, creating links with several other European design schools, we have just returned ...

We are doers: Eco-Design and Solidarity in the Philippines

// 11/02/2010

C. Gouache is a Master’s student at L’École de design. In May 2010, he co-founded and runs the accounts of We Are Doers – a French design association currently launching an eco-design project in the ...