Portrait of a Korean student

// 12/07/2017

Currently studying in her 2nd year of Bachelor studies in Interaction Design, Seohee Park, talks about her experience in France and her 1st year of Bachelor at L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.

Maeva Hemon

4 months of Interaction Design in Hamburg

// 12/06/2017

Maeva Hemon, a third year Bachelor student in Interaction Design did her internship in the Computer Rock agency in Hamburg, Germany. Here is her feedback.

Nathan Frouin

Internship of an interaction design student in Norway

// 12/04/2017

Nathan Frouin did a three month internship while his bachelor in interaction design at R8 Edge in Norway between August and October 2017. He tells us about his experience.

Dubai Design Week

Dubai Design Week 2017

// 10/11/2017

Two graduates’ projects from Design L’Expo 2016 were selected to be part of the Global Grad Show during the Dubaï Design Week, November 13th - November 18th 2017.

Impacts#6 - Hélène Thébault: bringing design into NGOs

// 09/28/2017

Portrait of Hélène Thébault, a 2014 graduate from L’École de design, co-founder of the NGO Farside Collective.

workshop china studio - cad

The first joint venture between CAD Brussels and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique in Shanghai

// 05/28/2014

19 students from the College of Advertising and Design (CAD) in Brussels took part in a two week "visit + workshop" program organized by the China Studio.

signature chaire

Innovation: a new research Chair on connected environments

// 04/21/2014

A chaire is about to be signed between the Banque Populaire Atlantique, the company Lippi and L’École de design Nantes Atlantique.

vincent verneyre

Internship as a means of talent-spotting and ultimately recruiting

// 11/29/2013

For almost 1 student in 2, the final internship leads to a job in the company where the student carried out his internship. The choice of the company is therefore vital for the student. Interview of ...