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Augmented retail on show at Equipmag

Augmented retail on show at Equipmag


Three teams of 3rd year students in spatial design and interaction design will be exhibiting their projects at the next edition of the Equipmag trade fair, from 16 to 18 September 2014.

"The retail sector is undergoing massive changes today with the convergence of traditional distribution channels and new technologies. It is reinventing itself in a classic format or as an interactive picture wall, an online retail store, a drive-thru supermarket, a click & collect service or maybe a pop-up store... Cross-channel retail is a reality. Consumers are now permanently connected and can buy anywhere, anytime" explains Sophie Lubert.

In this context, the stakes are high. You have to avoid products being out-of-stock, provide a smoother passage through the store, simplify the payment process whilst creating physical and digital proximity for an enjoyable customer experience. In keeping with this, for its 29th edition the Equipmag trade fair is celebrating the shop-to-web/web-to-shop convergence, customer relations, innovative concepts and design.
This year’s theme is thus clearly geared towards Retail Innovation 360°.

The 3rd year students in spatial design and interaction design worked on this cross-cutting project supervised by Nicolas Barreau (spatial designer) and Thierry Mellerin (interaction designer) to come up with concepts in which physical and digital stores become one; a retail experience with its fingers on the pulse of its local environment but also connected to the world.

At the end of the working sessions, 3 projects were selected to be exhibited at the trade fair next September:

We Play
Simon Bauchet, Adrien Frey, Emmanuelle Pajot and Emma Piau

We Play is a concept for a video game store which is the only one of its kind to offer 2 services in the same place: a sales area and a relaxation area. The store therefore gives customers the chance to discover and test products before buying.

Play Store
Julien Bauzin, Agathe Benoit, Camille Morin and David Sherpa
Bearing in mind that the average age for video game players is 35, and that the most rapidly developing games media are smartphones and tablets, they came up with the concept of a store for mobile apps.
Unlike the existing video game stores where you come and find your game, pay and leave, this store is a place which puts quality first, a place where customers are encouraged to stay, test the games, share opinions and chat with other users.

Marie Etlin, Viviane Foutrel, Axel Masson and Thibault Moinard

Conférence de Florent Michel sur les espaces commerciaux connectés

L'école a également l'opportunité de pouvoir dresser un panorama des innovations et du design de service via une conférence le 17 septembre sur le salon.

Animée par Florent Michel, responsable pédagogique du cycle bachelor en design d'interactivité et aidé par Sandra Rey, co-fondatrice de la société Organight, la conférence mettra en avant les innovations et le design de service au sein des espaces commerciaux connectés.

Les objectifs de l'intervention

La connectivité omniprésente a transformé les modes d’échanges, de prise d’information et d’achats. Comment les espaces commerciaux peuvent-ils tirer parti de ces innovations pour proposer de nouvelles expériences d’achat cumulant les avantages de la vente en ligne et de la proximité ?

La conférence présentera une revue de veille sur les nouveaux usages des technologies mobiles, en s'appuyant sur  des projets d'étudiants, et analysera des projets innovants portés par des start-ups françaises.